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2010 NFL Draft: Hour Two Live Blog

and the fun continues!

9:33:  The Atlanta Falcons select Sean Weatherspoon, LB from Missouri

9:28:  The Pittsburgh Steelers waste no time in picking Maurkice Pouncey, C, from Florida.  Okay Cowboys fans. Bryan Bulaga is dropping and Dez Bryant remains on the board.  Those are your  remaining definite 1st round grades who fit the Cowboys wish list.   Now, we move to the corners.  Kyle Wilson remains, as does Kareem Jackson.  

9:25: The San Francisco 49ers scoop up a possible Cowboys target, Mike Iupati from Idaho.

9:21:  The Tennessee Titans pick Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech.  True need and not a bad value.  They had to replace Kyle Vandenb

9:12:  The New York Giants select Jason Pierre-Paul.  Those Giants do love to stockpile pass rushers.  What does this mean for Osi Umenyiora, who was rumored to be on the block?

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9:08:  The Giants are on the clock.  In five minutes or so, we'll have our first look at the division's picks.

9:04: The Seattle Seahawks pick Earl Thomas, S, Texas.  Value for the Seahawks, but not a player they expected to be at the top of their menu at 14.

9:00:  Thomas, Bryant, Iuputi, Pouncey and Bulaga top the Cowboys wish board at pick 14.

8:58:  Jason LaCanfora says another trade could be coming soon, for Earl Thomas.  Who is left who is willing to move up?  Could it be Dallas?  The prices of admission have been steep.  The Chargers gave up their 2nd and the Eagles gave up two 3rds to jump.

8:55:  The Philadelphia Eagles select Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

8:53: THE EAGLES ARE ON THE CLOCK!  I think Earl Thomas is about to leave the board.

8:51:  Best players available, from Dallas' view:  Bulaga, Bryant, Thomas, Iuputi

8:49:  The San Diego Chargers pick Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

8:45:  Miami does trade, with the CHARGERS.  Pick coming up.

8:44:  Miami is on the clock.  We'll see if there's any fire to the Dallas trade up smoke.

8:43:  The first trade:  The 49ers jump up to the 11th spot and select Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

8:38  A HUGE WOW!  The Jacksonville Jaguars pick Tyson Alualu, DL from Cal.  This is the first player off Dallas' wish list, but a guy they never expected to go this high.   This will push a player with a 1st round grade lower to them.

8:32:  The Buffalo Bills select C.J. Spiller, RB from Clemson.  Marshawn Lynch's days appear numbered in Buffalo.

Okay, the big surprise thus far.  This messes with the Seahawks and the Giants, who were both hoping Spiller fell to the mid-teens. 

We're at pick ten and Jacksonville.  If today's rumors are correct, the trade ups could be on the horizon.  From Dallas' perspective, Bryan Bulaga remains, as do Dez Bryant and Earl Thomas.  But let's be realistic.  They could all be gone very, very soon.

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