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2010 NFL Draft: The Dallas Cowboys Select WR Dez Bryant

-- Dave Halprin

The Dallas Cowboys made the trade with New England, moved up to 24th and selected Dez Bryant WR from Oklahoma State. Bold move from Jerry and the Cowboys. This is a very talented receiver with big time potential, the Cowboys are thrilled that he slid down the draft far enough to where they could make a small move and get the kid.

Big-time draft pick for the Cowboys. Hopefully he'll pair up with the Miles Austin to give the Cowboys some serious threats at WR.

How do you guys feel about it?

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-- Rafael Vela

That low rumble you hear in the background is the sound of Roy Williams' sinking stomach.  Jerry Jones has taken a lot of abuse for spending two high picks on Williams, but I think the prospect of paying Williams $15 million this year galls him more than the criticism.  He's stuck by him and may maintain tomorrow that he sees an important 2010 role for Roy Williams.  Make no mistake.  This selection bodes ill for Roy Williams.

It also shows that Jerry can have the deepest crushes on receivers.  In Bryant's case, the price of courtship is small. Moving from 27 to 24 is small change.  The risk-reward is too great.

And the alternatives were not compelling.  The best option was corner Kyle Wilson.  He's a fine prospect, but Bryant has been a top ten prospect on talent.  

Now, can Dallas keep that talent focused on football?  

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