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The VRR: 2010 NFL Draft Dallas Cowboys Edition

Intermission. Time to stretch our legs, crack our backs, and do a little VRR-style reflecting.

Let's see. In the first round, a new weapon on the outside in Dez Bryant. You're welcome, Tony Romo. And in the second, a straight-up football player of an inside backer in Sean Lee. You're welcome Wade Phillips.

The Cowboys deemed both players as worthy of necessitating trades to move up. And that they did, rolling away their 3rd to the Patriots for their 4th to grab Bryant, and then trading their original 4th to the Eagles to secure Lee. The last time the Eagles allowed Dallas to trade up for a LB it was for Anthony Spencer. That turned out pretty well for the 'Boys.

Tomorrow, the draft recommences with Rounds 4-7 at 10AM (EST).

While we wait, shall we debate a little about some veteran trade bait rumors? With a new top-notch WR and a future tackling machine in the hopper, those two positions are getting rather crowded.

Wouldn't we all love to have another 4th to look forward to with our Saturday morning coffee? How 'bout a 5th to replace the one lost from the Montrae Holland trade?

Free safety and offensive line are obviously still needs. Are we going to pore over who is still left? Of course, BTBers. That's what we do here!

Make the jump for more VRR.

Draft hats, ON!

Mocking Dan at SBN's Mocking the Draft lists his Best-available players still left on the board. Using his list, let's first check out the offensive linemen.

Bruce Campbell | OT | 6'7, 310 pounds | Maryland
Ciron Black | OT | 6'5, 328 pounds | LSU
Selvish Capers | OT | 6'6, 290 pounds | West Virginia
Kyle Calloway | OT | 6'7, 315 pounds | Iowa
Sergio Render | G | 6'3, 314 pounds | Virginia Tech
Mitch Petrus | G | 6'5, 288 pounds | Arkansas
Matt Tennant | C | 6'4, 291 pounds | Boston College

And did I miss something, or is Marshall Newhouse still available? And don't forget about OT Jason Fox from Miami and the controversial (is that the right word?) Tony Washington.

As for safeties:

Reshad Jones | S | 6'2, 212 pounds | Georgia
Robert Johnson | S | 6'2, 200 pounds | Utah
Kam Chancellor | S | 6'4, 224 pounds | Virginia Tech
Terrell Skinner | S | 6'2, 214 pounds | Maryland

Harry Coleman from LSU and Kurt Coleman from Ohio State are also still available.

Other names of note that might interest the 'Boys are CBs Akwasi Owusu-Ansah and Walter Thurmond III, NT Cam Thomas, and OLB Roddrick Muckelroy.

And if a trade involving a DE, TE, or RB should occur, there are plenty options still available at those positions.

A lot of players left to be drafted. Throw any other names you think the Cowboys might go after in the comments.

Speaking of trades, will the Cowboys unload a player or two for an extra pick or what? We've been hearing all about the possibility for the last few days. Tomorrow will be the day if such a deal is done.

Jay Glazer reports that the Cowboys led the league in offering current players as trade bait.

The team dangling the most players was the Dallas Cowboys, who offered up former first-round pick Marcus Spears, former first-round pick Bobby Carpenter and wide receiver Sam Hurd, among others, to the masses.

Wide receiver Patrick Crayton was offered to a select few teams.

Calvin Watkins says that "A source said Thursday night the Cowboys will entertain offers for backup wide receiver Sam Hurd." Another source also told him the team is shopping Patrick Crayton.

The Dallas Cowboys have given agent Fred Lyles permission to seek a trade for wide receiver Patrick Crayton, according to a source. The Cowboys are shopping two wide receivers after selecting Dez Bryant in the first round of NFL draft Thursday night.

Sam Hurd was placed on the trading block after his agent, Ian Greengross, expressed concerns over his client's role with the team.

Brad Biggs speculates that perhaps the Chiefs would want a Dallas wideout.

Maybe the Cowboys can make a minor deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. After all, coach Todd Haley is familiar with Hurd from his time in Dallas. The Chiefs certainly have needs at receiver and every team can use a boost on special teams.

Soooo...Mr. Jones, is Roy Williams on the trade block as well?

"We won't be moving Roy," the owner and GM said.

Before the draft, Coach Phillips did his best to put players' minds at ease about their future with the team.

"I told them we draft players every year and there's always competition, but I'm counting on you guys to make the difference on this football team," Phillips said.

"If somebody comes in to compete, that's part of the game, but don't get your feeling hurt no matter who we take. I even kidded Romo, if we take a quarterback you've got to smile and go on."

Here is what the trade up for Sean Lee entailed:

Dallas acquired the 55th overall pick from the Philadelphia Eagles to use on Lee. The Cowboys gave their second-rounder, No. 59 overall, and one of their fourth-rounders (No. 125) to the Eagles.

That leaves Dallas with these remaining picks:

Round 4, Pick 21 (119) (From Patriots)

Round 6, Pick 27 (196)

Round 7, Pick 27 (234)

Matt Mosely received a text from within the War Room about what the team thinks of Lee.

Here's what someone from the Cowboys' draft room just texted me about Lee: "Character, instincts, production, work ethic."

Eric Edholm at PFT is quite impressed with Dallas' draft so far.

Bryant was one of the stories of the first day of the draft, a classic Jerry Jones coup. He has it all: pure talent, No. 1 WR ability and maturity questions. Sounds like a classic Cowboys pick to me. Keep him away from Deion, and the kid likely will be a star.

But don’t overlook Lee. Sure, that LB position is loaded in Dallas, but Lee will be a special-teams maven, he’ll fight his way onto the field any way he can and will be a factor in a few different spots.

Dez Bryant has got to be an even bigger Cowboys fan now that he's on the team!

"I couldn't believe that I was being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys," Bryant said. "It was just unreal. I've said that word a million times. But that's the feeling. It's just unreal."

Jerry Jones on the reports that Dez Bryant has an irregular heartbeat:

"All of our doctors reviewed that and it's just not something we were concerned about," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones told ESPNDallas.

"As a matter of fact, in visiting with experts in that area, they really did not in any way make a special notice of it. More importantly, more than anything, it isn't and it wouldn't have a negative impact on his ability to be a ball player or effect his ability to have a normal life."

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