Cowboys sign UFA OL Will Barker

Nothing earth-shattering here, but just thought some people might be interested so I'll pass this along to you guys. According to NFLDraftScout, Barker is essentially a RT/G Tweener. His skills (aka lack of athleticism, balance) translate to Guard in the NFL but his height says otherwise (he's 6'7"). Player page here:

The reason I even post this as something notable is because this guy is from the cradle of Cowboys UFA prospects in recent years. That's right, Virginia. TE coach John Garrett knows the players from there very well and essentially brought in two guys last year to us. Maybe you've heard of them: WR Kevin Ogletree and TE John Phillips. They turned out to be not-too-shabby, even as rookies. I was excited to see what UFAs we'd bring in this year, and I especially had my eyes out for any from Virginia. I know finding quality UFAs is still a longshot, but given the Cowboys' recent track record with Virginia guys, I'm willing to get a little bit excited about this guy.

He sounds like just as much or more of a project as 6th-Rounder Sam Young, but hey, at least he's another guy who they like who will get a shot to help out our OL. If he plays OL as well as a rookie as Kevin Ogletree played WR or John Phillips played TE as rookies, I'd be pretty happy with that as a start.

In other news, we also have signed our camp arm, QB Matt Nichols from Eastern Washington. Jerry hinted that we could have a massive UFA crop this year, so I'm sure more are coming our way.

For tracking top UFA prospect signings, go here:

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