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Cowboys Draft 2010: What They're Saying About Dez Bryant

The draft frenzy has now come to a close. But what a start for Dallas! The Cowboys' trade to grab WR Dez Bryant has had the entire NFL world buzzing. Aggressive? Yes. Wow? Yes.

As you read earlier this draft weekend, OCC gave us a glimpse of what other SBN bloggers had to say about the Cowboys adding Dez Bryant to their offense and special teams. Now, let's take a look at what some folks associated with the team had to say about the pick, beginning with #11.

Roy Williams:

"Yeah, with Dez it opens up competition which brings out the best in the guys," Williams said.

"So to me whether we drafted him or not, we wanted to be the best in the league. It doesn't matter who they draft, I have to focus on my game. It's not about the quarterback, the offensive coordinator, it's on me."

More from Roy:

"If all goes well -- not trying to talk noise -- but if all goes well, we'll have the best wide receiving corps in the league," Williams said. "Dez is a big dude, he can play. He will help us win some ballgames."

Miles Austin:

"Obviously they want to get more weapons out there, which is good, and I support whatever is done," said Austin, who was at Valley Ranch working out on Saturday. "I've see the way he works and how he does it and I think he'll be a great asset to the team."


"I'm loving it," Austin said. "It's great. It's an awesome city and I have no complaints here. No complaints from me."

WR Coach Ray Sherman:

"I’ve coached a lot of different personalities in this league and everbody has something," Sherman said.

"When you get a guy like with his something that can be corrected, why not take a chance? They try to put him in the mold of Randy Moss. Randy Moss is a little different. He had legal issues. This kid has none of that. Very polite, yes sir, no sir. Very polite." Q&A with Sherman here.

Patrick Crayton's agent, Fred Lyles:

"I am not surprised with the direction of the Cowboys. Crayton is a professional and accepts the decision(s) assoicated with the NFL business."

Drew Pearson on the team's new #88:

"They take your game away, your chance, your opportunity and all you can do is get on your knees and pray to get another chance, another opportunity," Pearson said.

"I think he's been humbled. Jerry [Jones] saw that. Unfortunately other teams didn't see that, but I think this young man will have success in the NFL."

Jesse Holley's tweet to Tashard Choice:

@tchoice23 yooo TC23 what do you think about our pick last night??

Choice's response:

@Mr4thAndLong he solid we gone need him. Holly u just do u. You gone be fine

Felix Jones:

"Wow. Wow," Jones kept repeating. By picking Bryant the Cowboys have added another big name to an already star-studded core of skill position players.

"It's another weapon we have on our offense," Jones said while watching his newest teammate hug friends and family."

"From what I can see, I believe he's happy. We'll all be happy with a pick that makes us better."

Deion Sanders:

"He's coming into an offense that was already in the Top 5 last year," Sanders said. "He has a terrific quarterback in Tony Romo coming off his best season and he has an excellent receiver in Miles Austin and an excellent tight end in Jason Witten."

"There's no pressure on him to carry the offense. All he has to do is run his routes, catch the ball and let the game come to him."

The man himself, Dez, on the Cowboys:

"They believed in me," Bryant said. "They chose me. It's a blessing."

Some highlights from's Q & A with Dez:

ON MEETING ANY CURRENT TEAM MEMBERS: "I met (Tony) Romo and Roy Williams. We didn’t say too much to each other. We introduced each other, and that was about it, but that was about it. But it was great. I’m very anxious. I can’t wait. I’m ready for the mini-camp. It’s a dream come true."

ON WHETHER THE COWBOYS MENTIONED HE COULD RETURN KICKS: "Yes sir, they did. They talked to me about it. I’m very excited to do that. That’s one of the things I love to do."


ON IF FOLLOWED MILES AUSTIN: "Yes sir. Miles (Austin) is a phenomenal player. All the wide receivers of the Cowboys are phenomenal. I did enjoy watching (Austin). It’s exciting and I’m excited that I can be their teammate. It’s just a great feeling."

Jerry Jones doesn't think Dez will need a babysitter.

"We will not devote extra resources. He will work with what’s naturally there. Now we will call upon some resources ,like a Michael Irvin, people like that, that really know what it means to be here and being a good pro, and your obligations to everybody."

Jerry Jones' call to Dez (audio).

Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones discuss Dez in the team's post-First Round Press Conference.

WR $$$, courtesy of Todd Archer:

Roy Williams - $12.952 million ($9.5 million bonus, $3.452 base salary)

Miles Austin - $3.168 million (first- and third-round tender offer as restricted free agent)

Patrick Crayton - $2 million (base salary)

Dez Bryant - ????

Relive the War Room moment.

Bryant's '08-'09 highlights and lowlights, courtesy of

Ed. Note - Next in this series: What They're Saying About Sean Lee

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