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2010 Cowboys Draft Grade: For Entertainment Purposes Only

The 2010 NFL Draft is in the books, along with it the Dallas Cowboys 2010 draft class. Six players taken over three days, two on offense, four on defense.

Going into the draft, most everybody agreed that the Cowboys areas of need included the offensive line and safety. When you release two starters - Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin - at those positions, it immediately elevates the ‘need' level. After that, you could make a case for a variety of positions as areas of need, or more precisely, areas we could use some youth and competition for the future starting spot.

Grading a draft days after it happens is like a reality TV show - sure, it can be entertaining, but it's not really reality.

So this is purely an exercise in hedonistic entertainment, and is in no way meant to mean anything.

Grading the Dallas Cowboys 2010 Draft...




Impact 2010

Draft Value

Dez Bryant


1st Round

Moderate. Could have gone the season with what we had, but adding a playmaker opposite Miles Austin is a bonus.

Huge. Stud athlete with high production in college.

Expect Bryant to see the field early and often in 2010. Could potentially become a force.

Huge. Easily rated as a Top 10 talent with many scouts and teams. Dallas got him at #24

Sean Lee


2nd Round

Moderate. James and Brooking are aging, especially Brooking. Neither covers the pass well. Only Jason Williams was a potential future player at the spot.

High. Was rated as the second best ILB in the draft. Comes from a college that produces well-rounded linebackers.

Depending on his skills, should at least see time in nickel or as a sub. Will also contribute on special teams.

High. Was conservatively rated as a high-second round pick, the Cowboys got him much later than expected.

Akwasi Osuwu-Ansah


4th Round

Very High. The Cowboys needed safety help and they plan to convert AOA to that position. Versatility as a S/CB could pay off.

High. A very athletic player who has yet to truly refine his skills. A dynamic return-man on special teams.

Could challenge to start at safety, but much more likely to be a sub and contribute on special teams.

Moderate. Projections had him anywhere from late 2nd to 4th.

Sam Young


4th Round

Very High. Tackle was a position of concern after the release of Flozell Adams.

Low to moderate. By most accounts, the kid's a battler, a scrapper, but the athleticism/agility is limited, especially the feet.

Likely wouldn't see the field.

Low. Actually picked higher than a lot of services projected.

Jamar Wall



Moderate. They have three good CBs, but behind that they would have to move Alan Ball back over for injuries.

Moderate. Physical player that shows good ball skills.

Potentially only on special teams.

Moderate. Went within the range of projections.

Sean Lissemore


7th Round

Low/Moderate. The Cowboys have a rotation of DEs, but could use help at backup NT.

Moderate. Because of his speed and agility, he's a threat to make an impact.

Probably minimal.

Low. Many thought he could have been picked up as a UDFA.


I'm giving this draft a solid B.

I really like the Dez Bryant pick, if he produces up to his talent level, then in three years this will be a successful draft. Sean Lee also has a chance to do something special. AOA is a gifted physical specimen who may be a player down the road. The other three picks could go either way.

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