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Cowboys Draft 2010: Jamar Wall Scouting Report

Just like with Sean Lee, when BTB wanted a scouting report on new Cowboys cornerback Jamar Wall, we went to a trusted source - SB Nation's Texas Tech site, Double T Nation. Their report on him reads a lot like the one we got for Sean Lee. A high character guy, a leader, a hard worker. Oh yeah, he does have some football skills, too. Including returning kicks. Joe DeCamillis is smiling from ear to ear this week, he has a bunch of options for punt and kick returns now.

Jamar Wall scouting report after the jump...

Jamar Wall is another one of those high character players that performed admirably for Texas Tech.  A couple of weekends ago, I was at Texas Tech's spring game and Jamar's name came up in conversation and one of the fellow tailgaters stated that his wife taught Jamar in high school and the opinion of Jamar was that he was just a good human being.  A respectful person who apparently could have done just about anything with his life, whether it be football or academics.

I'll also add that this entire year, Wall was one of the main spokesmen for the Red Raiders.  And when Leach was fired, of all of the players to say the "right thing", it was Wall who did this.

Coming out of high school, Wall was a highly rated running back from Plainview and was moved to the defensive side of the ball.  Wall wasn't perfect, there's no denying that, but he was pretty darn good for three years for Texas Tech.  Wall not only started at cornerback for three years, but he also returned kickoffs for the Red Raiders in 2008, averaging 23.85 yards a return.  He's not game-breaker, but he's incredibly solid.  Wall was asked to play off the receiver, about 10 yards, the entire time he was at Texas Tech.  He's  did a pretty good job of keeping his man in front of him, which was a big part of the philosophy of the defense.  That's not to say that he didn't get beat deep, he certainly did, but for the most part, he was a solid Big 12 performer.  Prior to his senior year, he wasn't known as a ferocious hitter, but Wall had some devastating hits during his senior year.  I could watch this GIF all day long:



And Wall's hit against Oklahoma St.'s Zac Robinson, was not only legal and vicious all at the same time, but Wall's hit forced Robinson to fumble and gave Texas Tech an opportunity, with 1:38 left, to win or tie the game.  It's a cliche, but Wall won't leave anything on the field and he gave up his body to make plays for his team.  I keep thinking that Wall may work out better as a safety than at cornerback and could envision Wall transitioning into a safety considering his propensity to make big plays.

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