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Regarding Tony Romo: Believe Your Lying Eyes

I spent a few minutes tonight with K.C. Joyner, discussing Tony Romo's 2009.  The Football Scientist was a bit under the weather, but offered a sunny report on Dallas' QB.  We covered many aspects of Romo's play for the upcoming Cowboys Annual 2010 (start saving your pennies for that now, ladies and gents) but I'll share this bit of hard data with you now, courtesy of K.C.:

"Romo's bad decision percentage last year ranked third, ahead of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers.  The only quarterbacks to play better in this department were Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre... Romo had a lot of near interceptions, but those were due to factors like balls batted at the line of scrimmage, plays where he was hit while releasing balls, or plays where his targets hit the ball in the air.  I saw no evidence that he was inaccurate...

There were problems with the 2009 Dallas offense, but in my opinion, Tony Romo wasn't one of them."


There are lies, damn lies and statistics, but when more and more stats are saying that Romo settled himself after the first Giants loss, we can't accuse them of lying, can we?

I blame Jessica for everything that went before  (I kid!  I keed!)

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