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Anthony Spencer on Jason Williams, the Man Most Likely to Succeed Bobby Carpenter

Last week I interviewed Cowboys outside linebacker Anthony Spencer for the upcoming Cowboys Annual 2010.  Spencer was kind enough to give me a bonus quote about Jason Williams, the linebacker most likely to succeed the now-departed Bobby Carpenter at nickel linebacker. 

When I mentioned that Williams was a ghost to regular fans, Spencer offered this review:

"For [Williams],  I could tell, when I saw him come in for OTAs, I could tell that he was stronger... with every player coming off an injury it's different.  I think he's going to have to deal with the fact that he's recovering. Any time you have an injury your recovery time is going to be different than anybody else, it's just a matter of how fast you can recover and get ready for the upcoming season...

I think he's been looking real good in all the drills we've been doing, pass dropping, pass rushing.  I think he's looking real good.  I think he'll be ready to come in and produce for us, definitely.  That's why I think they really weren't worried about that coming in, that they've seen his potential, and [the coaches] know they're [Williams and Victor Butler] both hard-working guys and if they keep working they can't help but get better against the level of player we work against."

Spencer and I discussed many other topics, from his work at Purdue, his transition to the NFL, why his learning curve was an inverted form of Demarcus Ware's, how NFL offensive tackles are like cornerbacks, and what he's doing to acquire a Ware pass-rushing move I call "the Ohno."   The full interview will be in Maple Street Press' "Cowboys Annual 2010."  It is scheduled to hit newsstands some time in August.  You can pre-order it here

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