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Sunday Poll: Cowboys Training Camp Schedule Is Out - Good Or Bad?

The Dallas Cowboys have released their 2010 Training Camp schedule. It sure isn't your normal schedule, the Cowboys will be hoppin' and boppin' around the country as they fit in an extra preseason game and split the main portions of camp between two cities, while throwing in a third briefly, just to make it more confusing. Here's how it breaks down.

July 24th - August 6th: The Cowboys will kickoff camp in San Antonio, fulfilling their contractual obligations to that city signed a few years ago.

August 8th: Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio against the Bengals.

August 9th-11th: Back to Dallas for a brief stop while preparing for a preseason game.

August 12th: Preseason game against the Raiders.

August 14th - 27th: The Cowboys fly out to Oxnard, California for two-weeks to finish up camp. During that stretch, they'll squeeze in a road preseason game against the Chargers.

August 28th: Preseason game against the Texans in Houston.

After that, they return to Valley Ranch. That's a lot of travel, to a lot of different cities. What are your thoughts on the training camp/preseason schedule? Is that too much moving around?

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