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The VRR: Cowboys Second Round Of OTAs

The Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of their second round of OTAs. Guess what? Everybody loves Dez Bryant, including the guy he could one day replace.

"The dude is scary,'' [Roy] Williams said. "The dude is good and he doesn't even know it yet. Once the light bulb goes on he will probably be the best in the league.

"He's a man among boys. He's got big hands. Real big hands. When he shakes my hand, his fingers come up to my elbows.''


For more observations about the OTAs, mainly on the field stuff, head over to Todd Archer's article. Dez, Roy, Miles, Crayton, Ogletree, Hurd, even potential pet cat Titus Ryan, have all been talked about in one way or another in reference to the Cowboys WR corps. Do we need to add another name?

He has an uphill climb considering what is in front of him but keep an eye on Manny Johnson. The second-year wide out caught a touchdown pass from Jon Kitna in red zone drills. He really came on late last year while on the practice squad. He was added to the punt return mix, which showed the coaches wanted to give the guy some extra roles to improve his chances.


For a different slant on OTAs, we have the Redshirt Class of 2009 trying to make their mark. The mothership has a rundown.

The Cowboys kept 10 of their 12 draft picks for the entire '09 season. Kicker David Buehler, tight end John Phillips and linebacker Victor Butler appeared in every game. Wide receiver Manuel Johnson spent the year on the practice squad.

The rest dealt with injuries of varying degrees. Linebackers Stephen Hodge and Brandon Williams and offensive lineman Robert Brewster missed the entire season. Linebacker Jason Williams, safety Michael Hamlin and quarterback Stephen McGee recovered from preseason injuries but rarely got on the field.


Hey Wade, way to put pressure on your potential new FG kicker. Ha!

Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, who was the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator from 1981-85, said that retired kicker Morten Andersen was a kickoff specialist for the Saints during his rookie season in 1982.

The following year, Andersen was the team's primary placekicker, and he currently holds NFL records for most field goals made (565) and attempted (709).


Marcus Spears didn't get traded at the draft, but the rumors of future deals, or competition from within, isn't bothering the veteran defensive end.

When the Cowboys offered higher tender offers to backups Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen this off-season, it was a signal that Spears will be challenged.

"Maybe so," Spears said. "But you know, all of that stuff is to be determined. I'm going to go into camp and fight hard and try to keep my starting job. Hatcher is going to try to be the starter, and Bowen is going to try to do the same thing.

"If they want Hatch or Bowen to start, they'll start. If they want me to start, I'll start. But I'm not caught up in that. If I'm starting or not starting, I've got to make the most of my time out there"


As for Patrick Crayton, he's a no-show again.

Patrick Crayton has plans to miss his second consecutive week of organized team activities. The Cowboys wide receiver wants a trade because the club drafted Dez Bryantand Crayton feels his playing time will be reduced. Does this bother coach Wade Phillips? Not really.

Yeah, having Dez in the fold turns people into Alfred E. Neuman. What, Me Worry?

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