Why we shouldn't keep Patrick Crayton

I like Patrick Crayton. I like what he brings to this team. Great hands, good return skills, and most importantly, a reliable receiver for our QB. While many people here and throughout the Cowboys Community still want him here, I included, none of us are looking at the negative side of his presence on the team. So in this post, that is what I want to accomplish.

1) Patrick Crayton is an Average Receiver: With Crayton, we know what we have. He's an average possession receiver, who has average speed, and average size. In 2009, Crayton had an average number of catches (37), an average number of yards (622) and an average number of touchdowns (5). No matter how you look at it, Crayton will never be anything more than average. He will never start for a team in this League, and if/once he does get traded/cut, he will only be a stop-gap, which leads me to my next point.

2) Patrick Crayton is a Progress Stopper: With the Great Purge of 2008, we saw many new and better players replace them. Jenkins, Spencer, Sensabaugh, Austin, and Scrandrick all stepped into their respective role and upgraded it. This year, we replaced Adams and Hamlin, and we have seen what Free and Ball bring to the position. We know that Bryant and Ogletree will make the team, but after that, we have a multitude of unproven (with the exception of Hurd), young receivers that could end up being the next Miles Austin. As long as Crayton is on this team, we are potentially throwing away unknown talent. What if Titus Ryan or Manny Johnson or Jesse Holley could bring a new dimension to our already potent arial attack? Until Crayton is gone, we will never know.

3) Patrick Crayton is on the downside of his Career: No matter how you look at it, Patrick Crayton is a declining wide receiver. He's 31, and in the next 3-4 years, will most likely be out of the league. If he is on the roster this year, he will be the 4th receiver, and no matter how much trust Romo has in him, if he's not on the field, it won't matter. He's become expendable, and replaceable. He might be a number two on some teams, but it will not be here.

4) Patrick Crayton quit on his team: This is what bothers me the most; his diva attitude to this team. He's not even trying to show that he wants to be on this team and compete. When he goes into training camp, he's going to be a cancer around younger players, and we do not need that on this team. He's alienated himself from his teammates, and his coaches. His hold out is not based on salary, but on his attitude. If he really wanted to be part of this team, he would be busting his butt to justify his spot on the #3 receiving position. I've lost respect for him, and I assume the organization has as well.

In closing, I know many of you will not agree with this post, but I think it's necessary to look at the other side in this argument. Even if Crayton is not let go this year, he will most definitely be gone by the the 2011 season. I want Patrick to succeed, but it will no happen in Dallas. We can argue over Roy Williams, and we can go back and forth over injuries, but will it really change anything? It's time to move on, and watch this team continue into a new era and thrive.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.