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What A Bunch Of Sell-Outs!

Hey, we're not above trying to rustle up a few bucks here at BTB. Since all the content is free, and the staff works long hours creating comprehensive Cowboys coverage for little compensation - we are always looking for new ways to improve the cash flow. It's even better when that desire matches up with a quality product, and we think we have some of those available.

So if you're looking for straight Cowboys news... this isn't the post for you.

But if you're interested in helping BTB and getting some cool stuff along the way, join me after the jump for some current and upcoming efforts from your friendly staff here at BTB.

Teaser: We now have BTB T-shirts...

I have had requests over the years for BTB apparel, mainly T-shirts that would be available for purchase. Well, we're finally dipping our toe into that water. SB Nation (BTB's parent company) has a deal with a T-shirt vendor in place. So far, we have two T-shirts available, both with the BTB logo. We can expand on the selection with different sayings, maybe you guys can suggest a few you'd like to see and as a community we can decide which ones to pursue. We can't use the Dallas Cowboys name on the items, but we can do some creative things if we want. As always, we like to keep things PG-13.

I'm going to order a few of the logo T-shirts to wear to training camp, and I hope to see other BTB readers at camp with them, too. You'll be helping spread the word about BTB. Order Now.


Which takes us to our next item, training camp coverage. It costs money to travel and stay at training camp, especially if they split it between Oxnard and San Antonio. The BTB Training Camp Fundraiser is still on going, so after you buy your T-shirt, consider dropping a little in the donation box for training camp.

Please take a moment and help us out with a donation. Thanks!



The final item is the second year of our Dallas Cowboys Annual from Maple Street Press. We did one last year that turned out pretty well, (at least we thought it did), so Maple Street Press asked us to do it again this year. The actual product will come out right around training camp. This is no flimsy annual, but 128-pages chock full of color photographs and detailed articles. A keeper for all Cowboys fans.

Pre-order the 2010 edition now,  and then you can go back and order the 2009 edition if you didn't get it the first time around.

Last year's cover.

As always, thanks for your continued support of BTB! We can't say that enough.

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