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Decoding the 2010 NFL Team Annuals: Cowboys, Redskins, Giants and others


On Friday, Raf could hardly contain his excitement when he got his first look at the "Cowboys Annual 2010".

Most of us will have to wait until the official release date of the Maple Street Press Cowboys Annual in early August before we can fully appreciate why a man not normally given to irrational exuberance is so excited.

The first run of annuals by MSP in 2009 - with magazines devoted to the Cowboys, Steelers and Patriots - must have been a great success because MSP have more than doubled the number of magazines this year by adding the Redskins, Packers, Giants and Broncos to their lineup.

Like the Cowboys Annual, many of the other Annuals are also largely written and edited by staff from our sister blogs here at SB Nation: Kevin Ewoldt from Hog's Heaven edited the Redskins Annual, Ed Valentine from BigBlueView is responsible for the Giants Annual, BehindTheSteelCurtain's Michael Bean is the brains behind the Steelers Annual and the MileHighReport's John Bena signs for the Broncos Annual. If you are familiar with their sites, you know that all of these Annuals will likely be some of the best coverage you'll get for each of these teams.

Now, while I don't know what each Annual is writing about exactly, Maple Street Press have published the table of contents for each Annual. After the break, we resort to a little amateur psychology and creative editing to find out what each Annual is really saying about its team.

Oh, and you can still pre-order your copy by clicking this link.

A little judicious editing, careful omissions and some strategic rearranging of the table of contents of each magazine reveals what they are really saying:

Dallas Cowboys:
Unstoppable Force

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


Sticking To The Plan
by Rafael Vela
The Cowboys have a plan,
The Five-Year Plan
by Dave Halprin
a five year plan to be exact,
With A Little Luck
by Bill Barnwell
and with a little luck,
Breaking The Playoff Curse
by Aaron Novinger
the playoff curse will be completely forgotten
Super Boys
by Aaron Novinger
when the 2010 Cowboys are crowned the Super Boys.
Quality Over Quantity
by Dave Halprin
Quality over quantity
The Cowboy Factor Realized
by Mike Fisher
and other secret Cowboys ingredients
Running Into Canton
by Aaron Novinger
will see players from the current roster follow Emmitt to the Hall


Washington Redskins:
Back on Track?

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


Pour Some Sugar On Me
by Ken Meringolo
Def Leppard on an endless loop in their Sony walkmen,
Back To The Future
by Ken Meringolo
and Michael J. Fox in their VCR,
Inexorable March To The Super Bowl
by Ken Meringolo
the Redskins fans are content to revisit their 80's Super Bowl heydays.
Redskins Memories
by Kevin Ewoldt
Fondly reliving memories
A Hog Gets The Hall Call
by Michael Richman
of Gibbs, Grimm, Green
Hogs Haven All-Decade Team
by Ken Meringolo
and other Redskins greats,
Fantasy Focus
by Ken Meringolo
they've created a fantasy world
An Offense Less Offensive
by Doug Farrar
where their offense still has cojones
Whoa, The Redskins Have Draft Picks?
by Kevin Ewoldt
and trading draft picks for aging veterans is a good thing.


New York Giants:
Bounce Back?

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


A New Start
by Ed Valentine
The Giants are looking for a new start.
Enormous Potential, No Guarantees
by Scott Wright
They believe they have enormous potential,
Anatomy Of Failure
by Bill Barnwell
but are worried that they'll fail again.
There Is Still Work To Be Done
by Ralph Vacchiano
They know there is still a lot of work to be done
Big Shoes
by Ernie Palladino
and that they have big shoes to fill,
From Question Mark To Strength
by Mike Farley
but they have more questions
Where Have The Linebackers Gone?
by Andy Furman and Glenn Warciski
than answers right now.
Remembering Giants Stadium
by Jim Schmiedeberg
But if all else fails, the Giants can still take comfort in remembering Giants Stadium
A Lifetime Of Memories
by George Cronin
and indulging in other memories of things past.


Green Bay Packers:
All Grown Up

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


Fully Loaded
by Brian Carriveau
The Packers enter the season fully loaded
Man On A Mission
by Brian Carriveau
and, like a man on a mission,
Super Bowl's The Goal
by Jason Wilde
have their sights set on the ultimate goal.
Unleashing Aaron Rodgers
by Chris Brown
To get there, they're banking on Aaron Rogers,
Taking It Up A Notch
by Jason Wilde
who will himself have to further elevate his game
Still Casting A Shadow
by Mike Johnson
if he ever wants get out of that other guy's shadow


Pittsburgh Steelers:
Back On Track?

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


They're Still My Steelers
by Michael Bean
Steeler's fans this year are going to turn a blind eye to anything not on the gridirion
Déjà Vu All Over Again
by Tim Gleason
because they're worried it might be déjà vu all over again.
Just The Numbers
by Larry Acker
So instead they'll focus on the basics,
Getting The Band Back Together
by Neal Coolong
try to get the locker room back together
Farewell, Fast One
by Andrew E. Friedman
and say good riddance to bad rubbish,
So Close, Yet So Far
by Adrian Atkinson
because they feel they still have a chance
A Special Time In Pittsburgh
by Ivan Cole
at postseason success -
Men At Work
by F. Dale Lolley
if only the players would focus on what they're being paid to do.


Denver Broncos:
Tebow Time

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


Breathing New Life
by MSP Annual Staff
How do you breathe new life
Average Is What Average Does
by TJ Johnson
into an average franchise?
Focus On Fundamentals
by Jeremy Bolander
You work on your fundamentals,
The Evolution Of A Coach
by Jeremy Bolander
hope that your 2nd year head coach knows what he is doing,
The Franchise
by John Bena
and bet the future of the franchise on Tim Tebow: Best selling jersey in the NFL. Check. A Nike shoe. Check. Cover on EA's NCAA 11 game. Check. Now he has to actually take a regular season snap.
Next In Line
by Sayre Bedinger and Andrew Mason
So let's all bow our heads and pray that he is next in line
The AFC West Legacy
by Tim Lynch
to continue John Elways legacy.


New England Patriots:

Last Call for Brady & Belichick?

Table of Contents

What they're really saying


Return Man
by Ian R. Rapoport
Tom Brady returned from injury in 2009
Mixed Reception
by Eric Wilbur
to mixed receptions.
Against The Clock
by Dave D'Onofrio
The Patriots are worried their time is slowly running out.
The Talent Of Ten Teams
by Chad Finn
They are still a talented team,
The Four Faces Of The Offense
by Doug Farrar
but are not sure what exactly they stand for,
One Size Does Not Fit All
by Dan Snapp
as their previously successful strategy fell short in 2009.
Filling In The Holes
by Chris Warner
They have more and more holes on their team
Patriots Go With Who They Know
by Dan Snapp
and hope they can fill them on the sly
Mission Accomplished
by Christopher Price
for one last hurrah.

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To avoid any misunderstanding, the articles listed under 'Table of Contents' above are all actual articles and the authors listed are the actual authors as per the Maple Street Press site. BUT: The actual Annuals contain significantly more articles than the ones I have chosen to highlight, and none of the Annuals have their articles arranged in the sequence I have put them in above.

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