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BTB Fantasy Football


After some delay, we are back to promoting fantasy football on BTB. As mentioned before, SB Nation is working with our partner for fantasy leagues this year.

Here's the scoop:

I created a league for BTB that is for free, and I have four more spots open in the league. If you want to take one of the four remaining spots (these spots are free), then put your name in the comments (and an email contact) and I'll draw four members names and send you an invite. I'll be doing this later today so get your name in ASAP. Once I draw the name I'll let everybody know so no more entries will be needed.

But, if anybody wants to create a BTB fantasy league and fill it up themselves, you can buy a Commissioner League for half-price through the deal we cut. It's only $90 for a league and it helps BTB every time we sell a league. So use this link to buy the league so BTB will get the credit.

If you want to create a free league at, you can do that too, but BTB gets no credit for that.

I'm going to try and track the leagues this year and update the site with the results, so if there are already BTB leagues created, either at or elsewhere, let me know.

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