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16 Million Page Views Later, One Simple Question

We know how these guys joined the 'Boys, but how did you?
We know how these guys joined the 'Boys, but how did you?

Since Blogging The Boys went live on SB Nation in December 2005, we have accumulated a little over 16 million page views. The merger with Rafael’s and Raul’s Blue & Silver Report late in 2008 brought more content, more quality and more members to the blog, and we haven’t looked back since. Last year SB Nation scored a couple of nice placements for BTB, including Yahoo Sports and the Sports Illustrated Cowboys team page, which has brought us a ton of new readers in addition to the BTB veterans, some of whom date back to the BSR and even to the BTB pre-SB Nation days.

For what it's worth, ranks BTB as one of the top 10 most authoritative football blogs, at least at the time of writing this post. At the beginning of August we cracked 1,000 Facebook fans and are closing fast on 2,000 Twitter followers. Today we are signing up new members to BTB at a rate of about 10 new members per day, and the regular season hasn’t even started yet.

We are a vibrant and growing community. Some of the FanPosts being generated on this site are top-notch content, on par with the front-page. Keep on generating comments and FanPosts/Shots, they are one of the key ingredients in making this a great blog for all Cowboys fans.

With the influx new members, and as the blog is becoming bigger and bigger, I'd like to do two things:

Firstly, I'd suggest everyone brush up on the community guidelines page, it saves from confusion down the road.

Secondly, I'd like to ask you one simple question. How did you come to join Blogging The Boys?

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