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Emmitt Smith Hall Of Fame Induction Open Thread

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Celebrate the crowning glory to an unparalleled career as the NFL Hall Of Fame welcomes its newest member, Emmitt Smith.

The NFL has seen plenty of great running backs through its long history. Walter Payton deserves everybody's admiration and respect, Jim Brown was simply a monster, Barry Sanders was a thrill to watch. But none of them are the All-Time rushing leader in the NFL, that honor belongs to #22.

He was too slow and too small, or so they said. They were all wrong. He could run, he could block, he could catch, he could score. The little back from the University of Florida proved to have all the skills, heart and courage you would want in a running back.

The Triplets are now complete once again, enshrined in the Hall of Fame and part of one of the greatest dynasties the NFL has ever known.

This is an open thread for Emmitt's enshrinement. Feel free to share your memories of the man, the myth, the legend.