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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 - updated

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This is the early edition of our weekly power ranking roundup heading into week 2. The Dallas Cowboys tumble in the rankings after the weak start to the season. The Redskins move up, but not as much as the Giants who take a big step up the rankings ladder, while the Eagles narrowly avoid the last spot in the division.

For your reading pleasure, I have divided the power rankings into three categories: 1) Major media networks and affiliates, 2) Blogs & other media, and 3) Statistics, computer & Vegas rankings.

Aside from the soundbites from each source, I've also added a our next opponent, the Chicago Bears, to the rankings table.

1. Major Media Networks & Affiliates 5th (-3). "There was nothing wrong with either their defense or QB Tony Romo at Washington. Now, they just need to mend their self-inflicted wounds."

National Football Post: 6th (-4). "Where is the offense? Tony Romo and the Cowboys will get a chance to put the ball in the end zone against a questionable Bears’ secondary on Sunday." 7th (-4). "Need Marc Colombo healthy fast to fortify offensive line."

Pete Prisco at 8th (-6). "The loss to the Redskins has to sting. The Cowboys looked poorly coached. And we can't say enough bad things about the way Alex Barron played. Yecch. He wasn't alone."

ESPN: 8th (-4). "No truth to rumor the Cowboys will change uniforms to yellow so yellow official flags won't be noticed. (Clayton)"

Fox Sports: 8th (-2). "Maybe I was on to something last week when I said the bad vibes from the preseason could mean something. But they were a holding penalty away from beating the Redskins. This team is still clearly one of the 10 best in the NFL, but the offensive line injuries are starting to take a toll."

[update]'s Don Banks: 10th (-2). "Other than looking sloppy, disorganized and undisciplined in that loss to Washington, the Cowboys are in fine shape heading into their Week 2 home opener against the Bears. What must it be like to be Alex Barron and living in Dallas this week?"'s Brain Trust of Experts: 12th (-8).

Peter King in MMQB: 15th (- -).  "Here's what happened on the idiotic Dallas play at the end of the first half that gave Washington its only touchdown of the night: The Cowboys had the ball at their 36 and had one final play to call before halftime. The play called by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was a Hail Mary pass from Tony Romo into the end zone. But Dallas was called for a hold.

At first the Redskins declined the penalty and then, a moment later, told Tony Corrente they were accepting it. In the ensuing confusion, coach Wade Phillips said he never communicated to Garrett to call off the Hail Mary. "We needed to call it off and we didn't do it,'' Phillips said. "Tony should have just taken a knee.'' Romo didn't, of course, and got pushed out of the pocket. He flipped the ball sideways to running back Tashard Choice, who, obviously, should have gone down at the first sign of pressure. But he fought for yards, DeAngelo Hall stripped it, and Hall ran it in for a touchdown.

Phillips took the blame, but Garrett, obviously, should have known to call a kneel down. Romo should have known to audible to a kneel down if it wasn't called from the sideline. Choice should have known to lay on the ground ... Just a stupid, stupid play all around that showed disorganization on the part of the Cowboys."

2. Blogs & Other Media

[update] SB 8th (-3). "Suddenly the Cowboys have a little more competition in the NFC East from the Redskins. Sunday's game against the Bears will show us whether the Redskins defense was that good or if the Cowboys were just off last week."

ProFootballWeekly: 9th (-5). "Trainers urged to speed up Marc Colombo's healing process." 10th (-5). "What a pathetic performance from the Dallas Cowboys. The poor coaching staff was greatly exposed on national TV Sunday night when the team committed 12 penalties, one coming during the most important moment of the game. Does anyone think Wade Phillips is capable of taking a team to the Super Bowl?" 11th (-5). "Tony Romo looked sharp at times, but the holding penalty on the game's final play -- which was a touchdown pass to Roy Williams -- was a fitting end. Dallas was sloppy throughout the game, and the Cowboys didn't deserve to win." 13th (- -). "Wow. The Cowboys’ loss to the Redskins was the most brutal sight Dallas fans have seen since J.R. Ewing was shot way back in the spring of 1980. Jerry Jones is the Week 1 leader on the Furious Owner Index"

Mike Florio at 14th (-9). "It could be a long year for Wade Phillips.  Or maybe it will be a short one."

3. Statistics, Computer & Vegas rankings

WhatIFsports: 2nd (n.c.). These guys simulate every possible match-up in the NFL 100 times, and use the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate every team, with updated rosters and depth charts. 7th (- -). Offense ranked No. 4, Defense No. 11, Special Teams No. 21. 11th (-1). "That was like watching Tiger Woods shoot 85." 18th (-12). Their rankings are based on a proprietary algorithm, "smart math and 100% objective data". 22nd (-20). "Dallas is going to struggle until it can get the offensive line in order. The offense moved the ball with 380 total yards but managed to score only seven points."

Here's how the NFC East and our next opponent, the Bears, fared:


  This Week
Last Week This Week Last Week This Week
Last Week This Week
Last Week This Week
2 2
9 12
14 15 25
SportingNews 5 2 15 13 14 19 20 22 25
6 2
8 10
16 19 19
7 3 16 13 14 16 17 22 21
Football Outsiders
7 - - 19 - - 4 - - 28 - - 8
21 20
ESPN 8 4 18 15 16 19 14 17 22
SB Nation 8 5 15 11 16 18 12 21 19
Foxsports 8 6 18 13 11 22 20 17 19
9 4 16 15 11 13 18 19 20
10 5 19 17 8 14 17 21 25
10 8 19 14 11 13 15 21 25
11 6 16 8 14 20 10 16 21
12 4 17 16 10 17 14 19 20 13 7 14 22 11 16 21 17 19 13 - - 12 - - 9 - - 17 - - 22
14 5 20 16 12 14 13 19 21
Teamrankings 18 6 22 11 12 22 20 27 25 22 2 20 10 1 15 12 21 14
Average 10.1 4.3 16.7
13.6 10.4 15.9 16.5
19.6 20.5

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