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Staturday Nation: The Very Best Statistical Analysis From Around SB Nation

MapIf you're a college football fan, then Every Day Should Be Saturday, but for the average NFL fan, Saturday is traditionally a slightly slower day on an NFL blog. In some ways, this is unfortunate because Saturday is the one day of the week where I for one usually have ample time to read up on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL.

The good thing about a slow day though is that it gives me some time to browse the other 32 SB Nation NFL team blogs. In doing so I regularly stumble over some very interesting articles on the other blogs, so today I'm providing a link collection of mostly stat-heavy yet highly interesting posts from other SB Nation blogs.

While a post like this is not a new idea by itself, I hope that you will find some of the selected articles insightful, entertaining and well worth the read on a slow Saturday. Enjoy.

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