The mentality of this team is atrocious and Mike Jenkins proves it

This probably could be a fanshot, but I found this to be so outrageous I wanted to put it as a fanpost. I can't believe this is how our players think:

Cornerback Mike Jenkins said the Cowboys underestimated the Bears and did not play with enough passion.

"We let up. We thought we had the game won," he said. "That's what it was. It came back to bite us."

Jenkins had two tackles and one pass defensed but he left the game with an injury in the fourth quarter after Devin Hester's 38-yard catch and run to set up the Bears' final touchdown.

"They came out and had a good game," he said of the Bears receivers. "We just underestimated their players. We could have come out a little more fired up. I put that on ourselves. They had a lot of great calls against us. Great catches. That just shows the caliber of receivers they are."
This pretty much proves it. Our team is soft and has absolutely no killer instinct. What a waste. So shameful.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.