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Phillips And Garrett Must Pull Out All The Stops… In The First Half

If you see a lot of this in the second-half against the Texans on Sunday, the Cowboys are in trouble.
If you see a lot of this in the second-half against the Texans on Sunday, the Cowboys are in trouble.

The Cowboys are laden with talent at both the outside linebacker and running back positions.

No, it's not breaking news, but it's something both Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett should consider when game-planning for the Houston Texans this week.

Pass-rushers (3-4 outside linebackers) and running backs both excel - a majority of the time - when they are given more attempts to either rush the quarterback or run the football, respectively.

Contrary to popular belief, neither Garrett nor Phillips is stupid. They know that if they can grab a lead, both the outside linebackers and running backs will be given more opportunities to do what they do best.

Garrett tries to establish a relatively balanced offense, but as soon as the Cowboys begin to trail, he will begin increasing the number of times Romo drops back, in an attempt to re-establish a lead. Remember, Garrett is an ex-quarterback, so don't blame him for thinking passing cures all. By establishing a lead, Garrett can remain more balanced in his play-calling and keep the defense off balance.

I'm not going to delve into what I believe Garrett or Phillips should do to ensure they establish a lead and carry it into the half. What I am going to say, is that both should leave no stone unturned in attempting to accomplish this goal. This Cowboys team is on the brink of season failure. It's not time to be conservative.

The Cowboys play at their best when they establish a lead. When they are able to do this two of their most talent filled positions are put in prime position to succeed.

The Cowboys will defeat the Texans if they lead at the half...

Don't believe me?

Over the last three seasons, the Cowboys are 22-1 when they take a lead into the locker room. The only loss coming at Denver in 2009.

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