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Poll: Should the Cowboys Keep Patrick Crayton or Sam Hurd?

Which one of these guys will still be signing autographs as a Cowboy?
Which one of these guys will still be signing autographs as a Cowboy?

Not many teams in the league are as deep as the Cowboys are at wide receiver. Miles Austin, Roy Williams and Dez Bryant will have the top three slots locked up. Kevin Ogletree has unique skills and could take up another spot.

Now, if the team keeps both Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd, they would be paying nearly $4 million for the 4th and 5th WR. With the aforementioned four other guys, that would make six at the position--meaning a guy like Jesse Holley would have no chance at making the 53.

But Crayton may be making it easier for the coaches to decide, as his agent, Fred Lyles, wants the team to release him by 5PM today.

"It seems he doesn't figure in their plans, so it's not logical to be on the roster until Saturday," Lyles said. "We don't see the use in prolonging it."

Hat tip to TheAnsah for the FanShot.

Also, CowboysMom22 has a nice FanPost on the subject.

As for Hurd, we know the Cowboys have been reported as having shopped him around the league. Well, he sure caught Tony Sparano's attention after last night's game, so says Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinal. And a team like the Rams could use a young veteran WR after having just placed Donnie Avery on IR.

Something has got to give. The Cowboys have an either/or choice between Crayton and Hurd. They both have chemistry with Tony Romo. Is Crayton's experience worth more than Hurd's upside?

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