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Michael Irvin: "With Roy Williams on the field, the Cowboys are playing 10 vs. 11"

In a recent segment on the NFL Network (Around the Table) , Michael Irvin and various other ex-NFL players and coaches predicted their Super Bowl 45 winner.

When it gets to Irvin’s turn to decide, he chooses the San Diego Chargers. Before he can even get out his reasons why, he is heckled by Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk, asking why he isn’t picking Dallas to win it all.

Irvin’s response: "I won’t take Dallas until Dallas has whatever it needs to stop playing 10 versus 11. And with Roy Williams on the field, the Cowboys are playing 10 versus 11. Now, if they put the young boy Dez Bryant in, you better believe I’ll take Dallas."

There are two things that are immediately obvious from Irvin’s comments.

Firstly, Irvin obviously believes that Roy Williams’ talent, or lack thereof, is going to hold the Cowboys back from winning the Super Bowl.

And secondly, he has a massive man-crush on Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant is a great talent, yes, but this is a receiver that is coming off a high ankle sprain, and didn’t play a single snap in the preseason.

Will he be able to make some plays this season? Yes, but a huge impact is unrealistic.

Williams is not going to stop the Cowboys from winning a Super Bowl.  It is true that he hasn’t been the receiver Dallas thought he would be when they traded for him in 2008 (and that’s putting it lightly). However, he can still have a role in the Cowboys offense. He will always be a threat in the red zone with his size (6’3", 210lbs), and showed, at times last season, that he can be a capable possession receiver – which is something the Cowboys are now lacking with the loss of Patrick Crayton.

Irvin was right in saying that the Cowboys will be able to go further with Bryant on the field. But was dreadfully wrong in saying that Williams won’t just be ineffective, but will, in fact, hold the Cowboys back from achieving their goal of being the first real home team to play in the Super Bowl

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