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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Deion Dishes It Out And Other Morsels

Our favorite football mercenary, Deion Sanders went to town on the Cowboys secondary in an interview with Ben and Skin. In classic Deion form, he brought a metaphor from around the way to say that just because you aren't the top-tier of talent, doesn't mean it's against the rules to fool a few people. quotes:

"Some of them are front-runners. What I mean by that is when it's going good, they're going good. When it's going bad, they're bad, they tap. It's not all of them. Some guys are not leaders. Some guys are followers. You need to put a leader in the bunch. There is no Troy Polamalu or Ed Reed's laying around. You can't find those guys. That's why they are so valuable. That's why they are handsomely paid. You can't find those guys. But you can darn near locate what's close to them. Everybody don't need a Louis (Vuitton) bag. Somebody has to get a knock-off. Get a knock-off. You got to get a knock-off. It may not say Gucci, it may say Oucci. But go get it. Go get something close to it. ... We understand the secondary, it's atrocious."

I love it! Now as someone in the tax bracket that would need to go the knock-off route, I can relate. Those Louis bags come with four-digit price tags. Around the way? Two for $80 if you tell my man Chi you know KD. I kid, I kid!

Follow the jump for more tasty tidbits...

Well, if there was any question that the NFL keeps a trained eye on all things Cowboys, we have an answer. Over a week after the team played it's final snap, David Moore reports Felix Jones has been relieved of two and a half stacks from his pocket.

Running back Felix Jones was fined $2,500 for a chop block he threw in the second half of the team's 14-13 victory over Philadelphia in the regular season finale.

They fine for chop blocks now? Someone refresh my memory, was this called in the game? If not, is that the reason for the fine?


We relayed the word earlier in the off-season that Orlando Scandrick would be going under the knife to correct a finger issue that has plagued him since training camp. Two more Cowboys have joined him in the waiting room, and another is already in the recovery wing. David Moore reports:

[Bradie James] is schedule[d] to undergo clean-up surgery next week on his left patellar tendon. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick (finger) and receiver Jesse Holley (knee) are scheduled to undergo surgeries later this week.


Guard Travis Bright had surgery on his foot last week.

Hopefully the doctors 'pour some 'tussin on it' and all four make speedy recoveries.


For all those that had concerns about Doug Free going into the season, you were pleasantly surprised that he wasn't the weak link on the offensive line. In fact, many would argue that despite Andre Gurode going to the Pro Bowl again, Free might have been our best lineman. Well the number crunchers at have the evidence you need to head to the water cooler with. From

Free grades out as's best run-blocking tackle in the NFL this season while more than holding his own as a pass blocker. The labor uncertainty is a factor, but Free has established himself as a nucleus player deserving of a long-term deal.

Don't you just love it when your hunches are validated by respected opinions? I say that on behalf of the BTB community, as compared to the other niches of fans; confidence in Free kind of feels like 'our thing'. I'm sure O.C.C. will have a great breakdown shortly on the play of the offensive line and Doug Free's impact. For now, whet your appetite on the young men that Free blocked for, with O.C.C.'s (should be) award winning series, Dallas Cowboys Position Reviews: Running Backs.

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