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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Snacking On Cowboys News

Let's do a quick roundup of the latest news affecting the Dallas Cowboys.

  • According to, Keith Brooking feels that Jerry Jones regrets letting Sean Payton leave the organization, and wanted to ensure that he didn't watch another assistant win a championship with the competition.
  • From that same radio interview, reports Brooking wants another year in a Cowboy uniform.
  • Bob Sturm of Dallas Morning News takes a look at the 2008 draft and the impact of selecting Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins.
  • From, BTB member's favorite analyst (tongue in cheek) Deion Sanders has confidence that Jay Ratliff will succeed whether he stays at the nose, or moves to a defensive end position.

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  • From, NFL Network analyst and former Cowboy great Michael Irvin thinks that the only thing that will keep Dallas from winning multiple Super Bowls under Jason Garrett will be the players willingness to follow his lead. 
  • Todd Archer of muses how just simply having Dallas Cowboys on your resume gives you a leg up on the competition.
  • looks at STATS, Inc ranking of the Cowboys as the 12th best in pass protection.
  • Scott Fujita, former linebacker for the Cowboys, has a bone to pick with Jerry Jones and his views on the labor strife, according to here.
  • Jean Jacques-Taylor of Dallas Morning News thinks Tony Romo has three to four years remaining in the prime of his career. 
  • Tim Colishaw wonders about the qualities the eight remaining playoff teams have that the Cowboys are lacking. 

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