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Catching Up With Wade Phillips

Our ex-coach, Wade Phillips, is now the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans. Wade recently gave an interview where he briefly discussed his time with the Cowboys and what happened in the 2010 season. As always, Wade is optimistic about what could have happened, and gives the feeling that he was unfairly dismissed from his job.

What he was thinking during his last few weeks in Dallas:

"When you win the most games in the NFC in the previous three years and you’re halfway into the season … it still surprises you. Those things happen. It’s all part of what happens."

This response is typical Wade. He always been defensive about his record and accomplishments, and tends to dismiss any of the negative. I can recall the first year he was with Dallas and we won the NFC East and got a first-round bye. The week after the playoff-bye, we got beat by the Giants. When asked about the Cowboys failing again to win a playoff game, Phillips implied that getting a first-round bye was equivalent to winning a playoff game. That's probably the moment I should have started to seriously worry about the Cowboys and their head coach.

More on the 2010 season:

On putting the Cowboys and the past year behind him:

"I really don’t want to get into all that. … I’m still proud of what I’ve done as a coach. We had a tough year this year, or half a year. Who knows what would have happened the last half of the year? I’m ready to move on and look forward to this team. I really don’t want to talk about that."

It's funny, Wade says - Who knows what would have happened the last half of the year? Meanwhile, I, and plenty of other Cowboys fans, are thinking - Who knows what would have happened if Jason Garrett was the coach for the full year?

What do you guys think? If Jason Garrett had been the coach for the entire 2010 season, would Dallas be in the playoffs right now? If so, how far would they have gone? To the Super Bowl in their home stadium?

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