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Cowboys Finalizing Deal With Ryan, Coaching Shakeup Imminent?

Coach Garrett may not be done with churning the coaching staff.
Coach Garrett may not be done with churning the coaching staff.

Multiple sources are reporting that a deal is in the works that will bring Rob Ryan to Dallas as the Defensive Coordinator. Both sides are reportedly interested in making this deal happen and expectations are that a deal will be reached quickly, possibly as early as this weekend.

Many of the previous candidates for the position, real or imagined, whose names had been floating around in the media and among fans had some kind of previous connection to Garrett, either from time shared on the Cowboys staff or elsewhere. All the candidates from this imagined and still very young 'Garrett coaching tree' were discussed with the underlying understanding that they would be the last major piece of the puzzle for the new Cowboys coaching staff. That they would fit seamlessly into the new Garrett System, with a minimum of disruption.

With Ryan, Garrett has chosen a coordinator that he had no previous ties with. Ryan will come to Valley Ranch with clear expectations of what he wants to do in Dallas, and which staff he wants to do it with. Already there is speculation that Ryan may bring defensive line coach Bryan Cox and secondary coach Jerome Henderson as defensive assistants to Dallas with him. Some eternal optimists are already pinning their hopes on players Ryan might, maybe, perhaps, please bring with him to Dallas.

If you thought the coaching changes would be largely done with Ryan's hiring, think again: the shakeup of the coaching staff in Dallas may have just begun.

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