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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: NFL PLayoffs In Full-Swing

We take a break from our Cowboys content to talk about the NFL and the current playoffs. So far, the NFL and its fans should be pleased with the games played so far. Out of six games played to date, four of them have been close contests decided near the end of the game. We've had only two blowouts, the Ravens over the Chiefs in the Wild-Card round, and yesterday's smack-down of the Falcons by the Packers. So we're getting good bang-for-the-buck.

Today, we get two more games. Not so exciting is the Seahawks and Bears game, unless you're a fan of one of those teams. Then again, we all laughed about the Seahawks inclusion in the playoffs and decided they would get hammered by the superior Saints. That didn't happen, Seattle pulled the upset. Except this week, the Seahawks will not be at home, they're the ones who have to travel to Soldier Field to take on a Bears team that closed the season strong. Although way back in October of 2010, the Seahawks actually beat the Bears (a game played in Seattle). That was a long time ago, though. I guess last week showed you can't count out the Seahawks, but I don't see them pulling off a second upset.

The second game of the day is the juicy matchup, one every NFL fan has been waiting to see since the pairing was made after the Wild-Card round. The Jets travel to New England to take on the Patriots. This game has all the drama you'd need in the lead-up.  Rex Ryan and the Jets players have ratcheted-up their trash-talk, something hard to do when you talk as much as the Jets. But Rex Ryan claimed this game was personal, a battle between him and Bill Belichick. Then Anonio Cromartie took a shot at Tom Brady, calling him an a-hole. The Patriots sort of responded when Wes Welker subtly needled Rex Ryan about he and his wife's foot fetish (yikes, this is where the NFL is today). Then Bart Scott basically threatened Welker's health in response.

The taunting and trash-talking has reached such a level that the NFL felt the need to remind teams that they don't like it. They could use the players words against them if there are any incidents of fines or suspensions that occur during the game. I can see the NFL's point, but all the talk has made this game even more interesting to watch. In the end though, I think New England and Tom Brady come away with the victory.

Your thoughts on the trash-talking for the Jets/Patriots game? Also, what do you think of the NFL's response of warning the teams?


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