The Mock Draft Challenge

Time for some mock draft fun. Mocking The Draft, our sister site here on SB Nation, just put out a mint-fresh list of the Top 200 College Players. The challenge, you create a mock draft based on the MTD Top 200 list. Here are the rules:

Leaderboard Update, 18:00 PM, 1/22:

12 Rec's: Creasy729 (but he traded down)
11 Rec's: Kegbearer
10 Rec's: Hank Hill
9 Rec's: Jordan Sams
8 Rec's: TCBinNYC, BigDinLA
7 Rec's: Chandus, Spaceball
6 Rec's: JimmyK, Ziggy19
5 Rec's: Rat-Pack, topgrosscloser
4 Rec's: BishopWest, Creasy729, Scotswoboyfan

Please don't be stingy with your rec's for the mocks below. If you like it, rec' it. Please also consider some of the newer mocks towards the end of the thread.

  • We will assume that all draft-eligible players will be available at exactly the spot the Top 200 list puts them at.
  • Dallas owns the no. 9, 40, 71, 109, 140, 171 and 210 picks
  • You pick at your exact spot or anywhere below that (e.g. 9th or anywhere from 10 to 20 or so)
  • You cannot trade down, because it would be too easy to trade to the exact spot your prospect is sitting at.
  • You may however trade up using this draft value chart. The value you give up in the trade up must be equal to or greater than the value you receive, e.g. your 9th (1,350 pts) and your 40th (500 pts) could get you the 4th pick (1,800 pts).

Write up your mock picks in the comments section. Look for other mocks in the comments section that you like and rec' them (Press the action link at the bottom of the comment box, then press the Rec button next to the star). The mock with the most rec's gets featured on the front page in the next Mock Draft Roundup, so put some thought into your mock.

I'll start it off with the following mock draft:

1st round: 8. Robert Quinn | 6'5, 265 pounds | DE | North Carolina. Traded 9th (1,350 pts) and 4th rounder (84 pts) for the Titans 8th pick (1,400 pts)

2nd round: 48. Tyron Smith | 6'6, 285 pounds | OT | Southern California:

3rd round: 65. DeAndre McDaniel | 6'0, 212 pounds | SS | Clemson: Traded 71st (235 pts), 6th rounder (23 pts) and 7th rounder (7.4 pts) for the 65th pick (265 pts)

4th round: - -

5th round: 142. John Moffitt | 6'5, 320 pounds | G | Wisconsin

6th & 7th round: - -

Too much trading up for your taste? Go ahead and show us your mock.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.