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Waiting For An Announcement On The Hiring Of Rob Ryan

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When Jason Garrett was recently hired, we all knew it was coming, we just waited for the official announcement. Now, we're doing much the same on the anticipated hiring of Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator. It seems to be the worst-kept secret that Ryan will be leading the Cowboys 3-4 defense in 2011. But, still no word from Valley Ranch.

So while we wait, I collected up some reading material.

A look at Ryan back when he was hired to be the DC in Cleveland under Eric Mangini.

Ryan lists the Browns' accomplishments on defense in 2010 at his last press conference.

A random Ryan press conference during the season to give you a feel of his persona.

Ryan reflects on his time in New England under Bill Belichick.

A list of his Top 10 quotes from the 2010 season.

A story of Rex and Rob, their youth and today.