Cowboys must get tougher

Howdy everybody. I love the Cowboys with a passion, and I want nothing but the best for them. I rarely talk bad about the 'Boys, and I defend them any time anybody says something negative about them. I am a pretty big homer, and I am definitely a glass half full type of Cowboy fan. I'm always too optimistic about everything related to the Cowboys. But there is one thing that drives me nuts about the Cowboys that must change.

The Cowboys are soft. This isn't just something that I noticed last season, this has been a common issue for this football team for the past several seasons. We need to get much tougher both physically and mentally as a football team. This team, and this defense in general, doesn't strike fear into anybody. Even when this defense was having a good season a couple years back, I don't think it ever intimidated the other team. There are teams out there that scare you when you just see them on the schedule. Teams fear the Giants' pass rush; teams fear the aerial attack of the Saints, and they worry about how they will be able to score on that Green Bay defense. If you see that you have to play the Ravens, Jets or Steelers, you are already worrying about that slug fest. This Cowboys team scares nobody.

When this team gets punched in the mouth, we just roll over and raise the white flag. Remember 44-6 in Philly? On the road, tough environment playing to keep our season alive, and what do we do? We get crushed, and our QB says that if this is the worst thing that happens to him, he's had a pretty good life. This is not the type of attitude I want from my football team. This team took on the attitude of Wade. Wade is a great human being, but he let these players get away with far too much. Wade was Mr. Niceguy, and the team took on this personality. I want a physical, hungry, tough football team. This Cowboy team is just the opposite of that. This team acts like they were born with silver spoons in their mouths. They haven't done anything in well over a decade, yet they act like they are defending Super Bowl champs. I feel like there are many players on this roster who are indifferent about the outcome of the games.

I am optimistic that this can change though. I think with Garrett running the team, this team's attitude will improve greatly. Garrett will not let them get complacent. I think Rob Ryan will help this defense become tougher and much more physical. I want to see this defense flying around the field making plays. I want to be aggressive, and I want to strike fear into our opponents. I would love for the Cowboys to be the type of team that can get into a 17-14 slug fest with the Steelers, and play tough, physical football. I want this team to play hard and play with a passion. I think this can happen. This team isn't just in need of a roster makeover, but they are in need of an attitude makeover. I think that a change of attitude will go a long way for the Cowboys in 2011.

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