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Dallas Cowboys Trading Dez Bryant? Worst Idea Ever?

Swag (n): appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves.

That's a basic definition that leaves room for interpretation. It is completely subjective, as the person who uses the term in reference to others is also speaking of themselves and what they consider to be worthwhile traits. I try to use the word sparingly, but sometimes you can't help but break down a description of someone to the most simple of ways. If there are two people associated with the Dallas Cowboys that you could undeniably mention when applying the term swag, Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant would have to be on the top of the list. That is why it is so ridiculously ludicrous that there was even an iota of credence lent to the rumors that the Cowboys would consider trading Dez Bryant for a first round pick.

By now, you all have seen, heard or laughed to yourself over the media firestorm yesterday.  Calvin Watkins saw an opportunity to jump start the silly season by espousing that someone in Dallas' front office would consider trading Bryant for a first round pick.  The conversation began on talk radio, when Bryan Broaddus posed the question. Due to his ties with the team, and with mainstream media outlets- the news traveled like a wildfire.

The only meat and potatoes that Watkins was able to garner to support his piece, were the musings of one disgruntled employee better known as Patrick Crayton.

But former Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton had this to say about Bryant on the Ben & Skin Show on Friday: "They let him get away with a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Hopefully whoever they bring in as receivers coach, and they say [Jason] Garrett is a disciplinarian, won't let him get away with so much stuff. He'll get locked down and hopefully be the next Michael Irvin."

Watkins follows with the fact that Dez Bryant was late to meetings in the beginning of the season, and hadn't mastered the route tree to the level the team had hoped.

I say, fine, that is definitely something that you want to correct, and correct quickly. However, there is no way that after a tumultuous season that we just had, do you consider trading someone that brings so much swag to the equation.

In another thread, I posted the following when it was mentioned that the team would consider trading Bryant.

That statement probably applies to every player on the roster to a certain extent. If someone offered two number 1’s for Romo, they’d listen. Two number 1’s and a player could get you DeMarcus..

That’s like running with the headline "Jerry Jones looking to sell team" if someone asked him if there is any amount in the world he’d listen to and he replied ’I’m sure there’s a number’.

Follow the jump for more.

People that are blessed with swag, with the knowledge and presence that you are something special, tend to gravitate to one another. For all that you may think about Jerry Jones as a GM, there is no doubt that Jerry Jones the owner is overflowing with swag. Anyone that has watched Dez Bryant in practice, in interviews or on the football field knows that he oozes swagger out the air holes in his Cowboys helmet. They are bred from different backgrounds, but the swagger of these two guys seem destined to work together. Michael Irvin had that same swagger and honestly, the Cowboys haven't had any one to replace it since he was injured in Philadelphia over a decade ago.

Once the story started gaining steam, ESPN's Matt Mosley pondered whether it made sense to trade the emerging superstar. Even Tim McMahon jumped on his colleague's musings as illogical because of what the Cowboys would ask for and what would be offered. I think they are all missing the boat. The Cowboys won't trade Dez Bryant because he is the swag that they have been searching for.

I'm not going to use statistics to back up my claim, my eye test is enough. I see the acrobatic catches, the unbelievable will to gain YAC, to fight through attempted tackles. I see how that invigorates me sitting on my couch thousands of miles away and know how that probably ratchets up to an infinite power for those that share a sideline with him. Who do you think gets Jerry Jones blood boiling, in a good way? Dez Bryant. For all the Hall of Fame worthiness of Jason Witten, the "small school to NFL star" feel good nature of Tony Romo and Miles Austin, for all the relentless consistency of DeMarcus Ware, no one can move the meter in one play the way Dez Bryant can.

So when someone can explain to me why Jones would ever consider trading the marketing tool he has waited decades for, the guy that is almost guaranteed to put the Cowboys in highlight reels for many seasons to come, I'll give the musings some credence. Fortunately, Stephen Jones came out with a statement to try and quell the nonsensical discussion. Clarence Hill of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram writes:

Well, if you know anything about the Cowboys then you know the only opinions that count in the front office are from owner Jerry Jones and vice-president Stephen Jones.

Those two men have no thoughts or intentions of moving Bryant. 

When asked about the report about Bryant, Stephen Jones sent a reply back saying it was "totally wrong."

Hill makes the point that is obvious to a lot of us. Why on earth would you consider trading away one of the lone bright spots from such a dismal season?

A receiver that doesn't know the routes and isn't making it to meetings on time? Well, what is the receivers coach doing about it? OK, we got rid of that guy. You selected a wide receiver with the 24th pick of the draft, bypassing other glaring needs for your team. You get him, and he is the all-world talent that you've been hoping for- with the pedigree. You are going to consider trading him now because he was late to team meetings? This from an owner that hired someone to babysit Pacman Jones to and from the men's bathroom? Do those even sound like options for the same leader to wonder?

As I stated earlier, there is probably a ransom that could net you any player in the NFL. That admission means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. I could be wrong here, there might actually be internal conversations going on. If there is truth to this story, I'll need more than someone stating 'I'd have to hear the offer' before I start dissecting what new is wrong with this franchise.

When rumors surface, or front office personnel speaks about a source stating that the Cowboys are actively shopping Dez Bryant, then I'll listen. Until then, I'll treat it as premature silly season and will strap my boots on to prepare for the muck that we are going to have to wade through. Sorry for the pun, as if we haven't had enough Wade-ing already.


Hat tip to Portland's Cowboy Fan for the initial Fan Shot.

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