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Cowboys Players Will Love Playing For Rob Ryan, Say Other Players

Jason Garrett appeared one CBS 11's "Cowboys Huddle" on Sunday (see an excerpt here) and explained why he believes Rob Ryan will be an asset to the Cowboys:

"He's fun to be around. He works his players hard but they love to play for him. I think he's a guy that people respond to."

After the break, read what DeAngelo Smith (he of the famous footrace vs David Buehler), Sheldon Brown, Blake Costanzo and an anonymous NFL GM had to say about Rob Ryan and his special relationship with his players.

DeAngelo Smith, the Cowboys' 2009 fifth round pick, was on the Browns practice squad last season and has this to say about Ryan's move to Dallas:

“They’re getting a fun guy that loves football, man,” said Cleveland defensive back DeAngelo Smith. “He sleeps at the office. He’s a players’ coach. I think the Cowboys will really enjoy him being there. He’s going to make the game fun and they’re going to have fun.”

CB Sheldon Brown likes the excitement Ryan brings:

"Rob brings some excitement to the game," said Brown. "The game has changed a lot. There's a lot of young players that like that type of coach and like to have fun. And obviously [with Rex Ryan] having the success in New York, it kind of shows that the game can be played that way and that you can win that way."

 LB Blake Castonzo also enjoyed playing for Ryan:

"He’s a real players coach," said Ramapo graduate Blake Costanzo, a reserve linebacker and special teams standout for Cleveland. "He believes in his players, he puts people in the position to succeed and gives guys who work hard opportunities to go out and prove themselves. You can’t ask for more than that. I can’t say enough good things about him. I love playing for him."

An anonymous NFL GM had this to say:

"You look at Rob Ryan, and he's got the long hair running down his ass and he looks like he just stepped out of the pen (penitentiary) and he acts like it, too," said one GM. "He's not your typical mouthpiece. He speaks his mind. I didn't think that approach would work in New York with his brother, but so far, it has.

 "It's a refreshing quality for the players. It's not easy to get 53 millionaires on the same page. You have to connect with your players. You say what you want about not looking the part. The one thing about that family: They know football. I'll be honest; I would never hire the guy. It's not our style. But I don't like playing the guy. He's hard to prepare for. You don't know what's coming."

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