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Jerry Jones On CBA: "We Certainly, Unanimously, Want To Get A Deal Done"

is this the look of a man fazed by CBA tough talk? Not hardly.
is this the look of a man fazed by CBA tough talk? Not hardly.

Jerry Jones seems to think little of the CBA tough talk.

BTB's own Paul Alexander wrote a great piece over the weekend on the common sense approach that a labor deal is on the horizon, somewhere. It appears that Jones would greet Paul's article with a nod of approval, if anything can be gleaned from Jones's comments at the Senior Bowl on Monday. Scott Crisp of writes that Jones is pretty dismissive of the harsh words being thrown about by the NFLPA, the players and the owners.

Speaking to reporters at a Senior Bowl practice on Monday, Jones all but dismissed the idea that the harsh repartee that has marked the negotiation process thus far is anything to be concerned over.

This is not uncommon,” Jones said, per Gerry Fraley at the Dallas Morning News. “We certainly, unanimously, want to get a deal done before we lose any playing time.

Over at our brother blog, Hogs Haven, Kevin Ewoldt details some of the rhetoric being bandied about by the NFLPA. It's a great look into some of the prime talking points of the Player's Association, even if it is written by a Redskins blogger!

Make the jump to read about the NFLPA's core issue...

Other blogger: What is the top priority/sticking point for the NFLPA?

NFLPA: Revenue sharing is the core issue at heart. Why do [the owners] want 18 games and 18% of revenue back. It can't be justified if we don't have financial information. What are we negotiating for? It's a sticking point. Owners want roll backs and players are asking for data. An owner recently the last couple months adding two games wouldn't impact injuries. What data do you have to back that up?

An example of what the union did, the 'Supplemental Sharing Program,' the owners attempted to eliminate it. The players filed a grievance to keep it for this year (2010). Every small market gets $20 million per team. This revenue sharing gives the small markets a chance to be competitive and meet their salary cap obligations."

The Owners meetings is in NYC this week. If you're claiming your losing money and we need to take a paycut, show me that. The owners just signed a $1.6 billion deal with MNF, so hard to believe your'e losing money.

So, if you take the owner's statements with a grain of salt- and then mix in the NFLPA's statements with a grain of salt, you might be in store for some bloated conversations over the next few months. As Paul stated in his piece:

This thing ain't "broke."  And there's just insufficient motivation on either side of this dispute to fix it by trying to kill it.  This will get resolved for the same reason the current battle lines have been drawn--greed...

This will get settled for the same reason the Cold War never got nuclear hot.  Neither side is crazy

Here's hoping they get out of the way and let us enjoy a full 2011 season.

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