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Jerry Jones Stays Firm On Cornerback Remarks

Jerry Jones caused a minor fan and media firestorm for his evaluation of the Dallas Cowboys cornerbacks on Monday.

Speaking from the Senior Bowl on Tuesday, Jerry Jones stood firm on his initial remarks:

"I stand by that regardless of what other people thought," Jones said.

Jones is confident that with new coaching in place, the corners will play better in 2011, perhaps even up to the Pro Bowl level of 2009:

"We've got an old adage out here, once you've seen a player do it - you know he can do it," Jones said. "Now, can you get him to do it a lot, and do it again and do it consistently? It really shouldn't be hard for anyone to buy into the fact that these guys have done it - we've seen them do it. We didn't see them do it this year as much as we wanted, but we've seen it."

And indeed, Jerry's opinion of the cornerbacks may have already been shaped a little by new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. When asked what Ryan thought about the Cowboys' corners, Jones said,

"I think his initial evaluation of them is a positive."

Until Rob Ryan is officially introduced, we'll likely have to live with second-hand quotes like the one above to get an idea of what the new Cowboys DC is thinking. One other such morsel making the rounds in the talk radio circuit and first heard on the Cowboys' Lunch Break is this one:

It appears that Rob Ryan recently walked into the coaches office, and asked, "Who's that Bowen guy"?

Then he said, "He's unbelievable".

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