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Garrett Limits Press Access To Cowboys Assistant Coaches - For Now

Jan Hubbard of the Star-Telegram reports that Dallas Cowboys assistant coaches will not be available for press interviews during the Senior Bowl to talk about players or anything else for that matter.

Instead, the Cowboys contingent of coaches, scouting staff and front-office personnel will concentrate on what they came to Mobile, Alabama, for: observe and evaluate players and perhaps interview a couple of assistant coaches, as the Cowboys may still have up to five vacancies to fill.

According to the Star-Telegram, Jason Garrett explained that

When the staff is complete, there would be a news conference introducing Ryan. Garrett said that it could be as early as next week, but teams rarely have news conferences during Super Bowl week in the host city.

For now, that means no colorful quotes from Rob Ryan, no direct comments from any of the position coaches on which players have caught their eye, but lots and lots of commentary from Jerry Jones.

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