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2011 NFL Draft: Can We Mock It Already?

The season for the Dallas Cowboys  has just ended, but it's never too early to mock the 2011 draft. Yes, love 'em or hate 'em, mock drafts are back! I'm sure O.C.C. will do a much better job of organizing mock drafts, and will be keeping you guys up-to-date on these things as we move forward in the offseason.

But what the heck, I saw that (via Mocking The Draft) had posted a mock draft this morning, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

Make the jump:

9. Dallas Cowboys (6-10): Robert Quinn, OLB, North Carolina (JR). As Jason Garrett will remain Dallas' head coach, it's likely that they'll look to upgrade their defense early. Quinn is a high-upside pass rusher to groom as a potential successor to the solid, not spectacular Anthony Spencer.

OK, I always say with a 3-4 defense you can never have enough good linebackers. But I'm not sure OLB is where we need to go. I'm already thinking secondary, offensive line and defensive line, but will be refining my thoughts more as we move along. A lot depends on the coaching search (which, everyone is reporting, is merely a formality now, Jason Garrett is locked), and who the team keeps and releases over the next few months. Also, free agency will play a role.

This is assuming we actually have NFL football in 2011. But I choose to believe that labor peace will result sometime before the 2011 season is supposed to start.

Let the mocking begin!

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