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Dallas Cowboys Farewells: Fond And Otherwise

Goodbye and good riddance to the Cowboys' 2010 season. 

And we will be saying goodbye, certainly, to some "name" players.

Near as I can figure, that list will include:

* Roy Williams--makes way too much money for a third receiver and is a passive-aggressive pain in the patoot.

* Sam Hurd--money issues here, too, and Sam doesn't want to spend his entire NFL career as a special teamer.

* Keith Brooking--a pro's pro with a gleaming career resume.  But it's a right now league, and KB can't play anymore.

* Marion Barber--has never been the same bull-in-a-china shop since he got paid and clearly got off on the wrong foot with Jason Garrett.

* Alan Ball--I predicted last summer that  Ball would be "just fine."  I was just wrong.

* David Buehler--hooked that PAT in Glendale, and really has never inspired confidence.  The Cowboys just signed Kris Brown for a reason.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Others who should think "rent" instead of "buy":

*Martellus Bennett--two words:  grow up.  Objects rapidly approaching in rear view mirror could include John Phillips.

*Kevin Ogletree--as Darrell Royal used to say, "Potential just means you haven't done anything yet."

Plus, in my book, it's at least soul-searching time for Anthony Spencer, Mike Jenkins, Gerald Sensabaugh, Igor Olshansky,  Leonard Davis and--yes--Miles Austin. 

Hey, we were 6-10.  Nobody gets a pass.

As I post, there appears to be no doubt that JG will be retained as head coach, just as soon as the club and the league get through using Ray Sherman as a token.  I'm onboard (with the JG part, not the using Coach Sherman part).  Keeping Garrett affords the team with the best chance for a quick turnaround.  JG genuinely seems to have earned respect and "buy-in" from the team.  There's no tangible reason why the Cowboys should not be back in playoff contention in 2011, and continuity at the head coaching position undeniably aids that process.

Questions remain on the defensive staff.  Paul Pasqualoni had a positive impact, both schematically and from the standpoint of player discipline and accountability.  But will he be retained as DC?  I tend to doubt it.

This observation hurts, based on my deep respect and affection for Dave Campo.  But a change in leadership in the secondary is mandatory.  Here's my reasoning:  The Dallas DBs have clearly stopped listening to Coach Campo.  It happens to the best of coaches, and to the best of teachers.  A new voice, and perhaps a new style, is needed.  Dallas gave up 33 touchdown passes  this season.  That's tied for dead last with the...Houston Texans.  That is not good.

This is good.  We catch the NFC West in 2011.  See, things are already looking up.

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