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Awaiting The Word From Jerry Jones On Cowboys Coaching Hire

Jerry Jones seems serious about the Rooney Rule, sort of. While it appears that he is full steam ahead on naming Jason Garrett the permanent Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry has kept the entire Cowboys kingdom and assigned media scribes in a holding pattern. Each day, we are given reports that the announcement could be made 'today'. While a news conference to announce the new coach is still expected at any moment, Jones brought in Miami Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles for a head coaching interview.

Jerry Jones wants Jason Garrett. It seems that everything else has been a smoke screen. He seems to have envisioned Garrett becoming his head coach for at least a decade. While still playing, Jones went to Garrett in 1999 after his contract was up and tried to convince him to move to a coaching position. Garrett refused at the time, citing that he felt he still had some playing days left in him. Notice the constant use of the word seems? It's because you can never quite be sure of Jones' intentions.

Follow the jump for a roundup of the latest reports regarding the coaching search.

  • For what it's worth, the team leaders are behind Garrett keeping the job. With the friendly relationship Jones keeps with the players, that's a big deal. reports that offensive leader Jason Witten and defensive leader Bradie James give Garrett the seal of approval. 
  • Jan Hubbard of the Ft Worth Star Telegram looks back to Garrett's Monday presser and comes away with the impression that Garrett is moving forward with long term plans for the team as if he already has the job.
  • Ray Sherman, who appears to be the first alternate candidate interviewed, thinks his three-hour interview went well, according to David Moore of DMN
  • Todd Bowles appears to be the second candidate to be interviewed, first reported by Mike Florio of
  • David Moore of DMN seems to think that the interview of Bowles isn't a threat to Garrett, but more of a threat to the defensive staff.
  • makes a case for why the Rooney Rule is important and is still necessary. 
  • makes the argument that the Rooney Rule isn't working.
  • On the offensive side of the ball, yesterday's rumor was that Wisconsin man Paul Chryst was a candidate to join the Texas team. Hat tip to BTB member King Man, for finding this link that says the Texas team Chryst goes to may still be the Longhorns instead of the Cowboys.
  • The Oakland Raiders chose not to renew the contract of head coach Tom Cable. I've had this in the back of my mind as a possible replacement for Hudson Houck. The Oakland running game was beyond dominant this season, and if you remember, Tom Cable was hired the offensive line coach before Al Davis named him interim. Thoughts?
  • Wade Phillips getting the Houston DC job may impact the current defensive staff of the Boys, according to David Moore of DMN. Not a big deal, want the entire staff let go? Maybe so, but Brett Maxie appears to be someone that we might not want to lose.

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