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Jason Garrett New Head Coach Of Dallas Cowboys, Will Remain Offensive Coordinator

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed to the world the worst kept secret in sports, Jason Garrett will be the Cowboys head coach in 2011. The Cowboys inked Jason to a four-year deal, and said that Garrett will have the final say on any coaching changes, and will have approval of any players on the team. Also making news was Jason Garrett’s emphatic answer of "Yes" when asked about a dual role of head coach and offensive coordinator.

The shoe has finally dropped.  This move was expected for a while, and has now become official. We'll be covering this presser in-depth, but wanted to give you an opportunity to sound off. Some quick notes, please remember these are not exact quotes but more so the gist of the statements.

Follow the jump for the highlights...
  • Jerry: I didn't learn a lot about Jason over the last 8 ball games. I reaffirmed a lot that I thought might be there.
  • Jerry:I like to think that I'm changing, hopefully for the better and I've always had that attitude.
  • Jason: Absolutely, it’s a physical game. You have to practice being physical in order to be physical Sunday afternoon and we’ll practice that.
  • Jason on Jerry: The impact he's made on this league has been significant... On peoples lives have been significant. I understood as a player the level of commitment he's put into this thing.  There is great respect there, a very high standard that is set. That's the only way to do it. We appreciate his commitment to winning.
  • Jerry: Jason will have the final say on any person that leaves the coaching staff or comes to the coaching staff. There won't be a player on this team that Jason does not want on the team. I wanna be real clear, were gonna operate on the basis that he has the final say of any person on the staff, or joining the staff, and there wont be a player on this team that Jason doesn't approve of. I think we've had criticism in the past, or maybe some ambiguity, are we clear with that? What I just said? I want you to understand the confidence I have.

Hold out hope Cowboys fans, we may finally be coming out of the dark tunnel! We'll have more as the day moves forward.

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