No Excuses

I hate the media. A bunch of overpaid morons. Who have no business speaking in the behalf of the NFL and it's fans. Marshall Faulk is a joke, Warren Sapp is an even bigger one, and Jamie Who? All I'm asking for is a competent team of sportscasters who aren't wannabe TMZ writers. They think fans want to hear this junk. Reality is, we could care less! Stop flapping your lips and making "Stories" out of thin air and talk football. It really sucks to be a Cowboys fan sometimes. Because when your high paid quarterback slips on his shoelaces it could be a big story. It's getting ridiculous.

At the beginning of the season it was all about Romo and how he wasn't a good leader, and when he lost against the Jets, the high paid vidiots said "I told you so." all while praising Michael Vick's performance against the Rams. Then Romo comes back from a broken rib and beats San Francisco. They kiss and make up and call him a hero. And still praise Michael Vick to high heaven even though he was knocked out of the game against Atlanta. Romo rallies the troops against the Redskins on monday night, and now he's a true leader. Vick continues to suck and gets bailed out by the media. Romo throws a game away against the Lions and he's back to being a poor leader, and the guy who doesn't have "It". and Vick blows a lead to the Niners. And even now that Vick has thrown 4 picks against Buffalo he still gets absolved by the media for his mistakes. And Romo continues to get burnt at the stake by everyone with a mouth on the NFL network. I am not in any way defending Romo. He made some poor decisions that lead to a Loss. But I am sick and tired of every other QB in the NFL getting a free pass for their mistakes. There should be no excuses for poor quarterback play. If you threw 4 picks in a game, and one of them is a pick six? You made bad decisions that cost your team the game. If you're going to blame every Cowboys loss solely on Tony Romo, then you have to blame other quarterbacks for losses too. But that kind of logic makes zero sense. So all I am asking from professional sports analysts is parity. Share the blame. Don't just blame Romo. Blame the entire team because wins and losses are made by a TEAM, not a QB.

And after the slew of non clutch performances by any QB not named Rodgers or Brady, Romo looks a hell of a lot better now doesn't he? I still don't trust him to not make boneheaded decisions at awful times, but I don't believe he can get any worse. Sure Romo has choked this season. But so have a ton of other so called Elite QBs. Let's look at some stats shall we? Shove this where the sun don't shine Primetime.

Tony Romo 5 interceptions 1 lost fumble

Other "Elite" QBs Turnover Ratios

Michael Vick 7 interceptions 3 fumbles lost("You Can't Contain Me" more like I don't need to because you'll just throw a pick . How many excuses is this guy gonna keep getting for his awful play this year? When the Eaglets drop to 1-6? Probably not, they'll still blame the defense, or the kicker before they blame him. He's a great athlete but he's also a terrible QB.)

Phillip Rivers 7 interceptions 2 fumbles lost(This guy is better than Romo? Give me a break. Yes he's won more playoff games. But he's choked just as many times and gotten nothing but praise. He had the top Defense and Offense in the NFL last year and missed the playoffs. Must be nice playing in San Diego.)

Roethlisberger 6 interceptions 4 fumbles lost(How does he keep winning with hot garbage like that..Oh. He has Polamalu and that D. Never mind.)

Matt Ryan 6 interceptions 3 fumbles lost(Matty Ice more like Matty Lice if you ask me. How in the heck he got the name Matty Ice is beyond me. You're not "Ice" when you're 0-2 in the playoffs. Nice job selling the farm for a WR Atlanta.)

Josh Freeman 6 interceptions(Ooh he's so much better than Tony Oh-No..Oh wait, he hasn't even made it to the playoffs, and he got blown out by San Francisco 48-3. Ouch.)

Tom Brady 6 interceptions(I can't say anything bad about the guy. He's perfection at it's finest. He never loses a game, his farts smell like roses, and he's the greatest quarterback to ever play in the history of league.)

Grossman 5 interceptions 2 fumbles lost(What do you expect from a guy who had a 0 passer rating at one point in his career? Yeah, Sexy Rexy is gonna lead the Skins to the promised land. More like the landfill. Can anyone here honestly say that they'd want Grossman over Romo? This man invented the word turnover.)

Eli Manning 5 interceptions 2 fumbles lost(He's actually playing really well this year with half his team on IR. But I love that sad face he gives when he chokes another game. He's basically a smaller version of Romo but he has a ring. And he lead the league in picks last year.)

Wow. Even Tom Terrific has turned the ball over more than Romo. All I am trying to say here is things could be a lot worse in the QB department. We could have Michael "Pick" running the show. I shudder at the thought. But the media doesn't have the balls to call it like it is. What's the worst that's going to happen? You'll get sued? Can't. It's called free speech. Beat up in a dark alley by Tom Brady's bodyguards? Not likely. They care more about their stupid reputation and ego rather than to actually make any sense. I would love to hear no more excuses from here on out about poor play from Romo, Vick, Brady, Manning, and every other QB in the league from my TV. But that's just a pipe dream. All Dallas can do is just win the battle of inches on any given sunday. Because win or lose they'll always find something to criticize about America's Team. So let's give them some shut up juice by handing the Patriots their first home loss since 2006. GO COWBOYS!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.