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Cowboys News: The Kitchen Sink Principle And Defying False Deities

Tom Brady: 'He’s powerful, he’s fast off the edge, he’s got a bunch of different moves... He's going to be a problem."
Tom Brady: 'He’s powerful, he’s fast off the edge, he’s got a bunch of different moves... He's going to be a problem."

Cowboys, Rob Ryan plan to throw 'kitchen sink' at Patriots | DMN

The last team to hold the New England Patriots under 30 points was the Cleveland Browns defense, led by current Cowboys coordinator Rob Ryan. In a Week 9 contest, the orange and browns befuddled Tom Brady with a myriad of different looks. Just as in this current situation, Ryan had two weeks to devise a game plan to combat the aerial arsenal of the Pats. Ryan brought Kenyon Coleman and Abe Elam over with him from that Cleveland team. 

"We had them out there thinking," said Cowboys defensive end Kenyon Coleman, who played for the Browns last season. "We brought our 'A' game."

The Browns did so by attacking Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with exotic blitzes and confusing him with unorthodox alignments. In one such formation, Cleveland used just one down lineman and deployed as many linebackers -- five -- as defensive backs. The unusual fronts and kinetic pre-snap movement unnerved Brady, a quarterback who is known for his ability to identify coverages and identify the weakest area of the defense.

Asked what Ryan has in store for New England this year, Coleman smiled and said, "Pretty much the kitchen sink, to put it lightly."

Cowboys S Abe Elam: Rob Ryan is "psyched" to face New England | DMN

"He's psyched,'' safety Abe Elam said. "I know I am as well. I look forward to the challenge.

"Coming in, everyone is building them up to be the greatest team out there. As a competitor, that is what you look forward to.''


 Breaking Down the Cowboys' short-yardage plays this season | DMN

The Cowboys have had 31 plays through their first four games in which they've needed to pick up three yards or less. They've passed 13 times and run the ball 18 times.

Only 14 of those 31 plays (45.2 percent) have been successful, meaning that the Cowboys either scored a touchdown (three times) or picked up the first down on the play.

Of the Cowboys' 18 runs in short-yardage situations, 11 have gone for one yard or less. Two others have been for only two yards. They've totaled 40 rushing yards on 18 carries in short-yardage situations for a 2.2 average.

Spears: Pats Aren't Gods Of Football | NBCDFW

"Yeah, we're probably going to get killed. They're the greatest team to ever play football," Spears deadpanned recently, per the Dallas Morning News. "We're not deeming this team gods of football. They can be beat. We saw it."

Of course, this was deemed bulletin board material by some. I guess Devin McCourty and Kyle Arrington are going to be extra prepared for Miles and Dez now.

Jason Garrett 's role in Wes Welker's rise | ESPN

Welker credited his work with Garrett on Miami’s scout team as a big part of his success.

"His last year in Miami he was the scout team quarterback, I was the scout team receiver and then becoming a coach he always instilled a lot of confidence in us," Welker said. "I remember one time I sat there and told him, ‘Jason, I think I can get them on this or that route or whatever and he said ‘Wes, you know what, you can get them on any route. It’s just great to hear that confidence from a coach and that edge. In my mind I thought, ‘You’re right.’

Tom Brady on DeMarcus Ware: 'He's going to be a problem' |

"He [Ware] can get after a quarterback as good as anyone we play," Brady said. "He’s powerful, he’s fast off the edge, he’s got a bunch of different moves. It’s not like you just set on the speed-rush and he’ll speed-rush you and then he’ll power you right into the quarterback. The first play of the season he sacked [Mark] Sanchez when they were playing the Jets and kind of had an up-and-under move. If he gets going early he’s going to be a problem all day, so we’ve got to make sure we really account for him on every play."

Jason Garrett Says Cowboys 'Very Strongly' Considered Solder in 2011 Draft | NESN

And in other breaking news, the sky is blue the grass is green and some dreams don't come true. The Cowboys were the team most in need of a youth infusion during the draft. There's a surprise element that Solder was amongst those JG considered?

Cowboys to wear blue uniforms Sunday | ESPN Dallas

Danger, danger, danger. Blue uniforms are cursed, something awful always happens when we wear them! It's a good thing we didn't have them on against the Jets and Lions. Oh. Well, you remember what happened last time, right?

[Dec 27 2009]

The Cowboys beat Washington, 17-0, at FedEx Field in the last game they wore the navy uniforms.

Nevermind, carry on.

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