KD's 10-for-10 - Week #6 Update

I'm really late this week. Sometimes, work doesn't get in the way of BTB, but sometimes it does.

This was a tough week for many of us. We had seventy-nine 10-for-10 participants this week and one straggler (came in after the early games kicked off and made late/night picks only). So, some of the games were available to 79, and some to 80 this week.

One entry still picked all thirteen games. Please only pick the ten you want scored. There are no bonus points for picking extra games. All I do is count the Cowboys game and the first nine other games and ignore the rest. That actually hurts you because most of us usually score better on the late/night games than we do the early games.

Most of us picked the Cowboys, and almost everyone picked the Saints. Those two games eliminated most of us from 10-for-10.

And, no one did get 10-for-10 this week. However, seven scored 9-for-10, including two of the overall leaders. So, there is beginning to be a little separation between the top of the leaderboard and the rest of us dragging up the middle and the bottom of the standings.

More analysis and the top scores (overall and this week) after the jump:

My congratulations this week to the top scorers (weekly and overall) are muted somewhat since five of the top six overall and six of the seven who scored 9-for-10 picked the Patriots. I will congratulate 1Bullseye. He is the only one to score 9-for-10 and only miss the Cowboys. And, mdlusk is the only one in the top six overall who picked the Cowboys.

Muted congratulations to illcowboy and Jebediah Flibberbrush for topping both the overall (47) and the weekly (9-for-10). NOTE - Sorry, I forgot to include illcowboy in my original post. It's fixed now - END NOTE

We welcomed four new players this week. Here's our weekly participation table:

Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129
5 76 53 129
6 80 53 133

Most of the rest of us are loyal Cowboys fans. As you will see in the table below, almost 80% of us picked the Cowboys last week (63 out of 80). However, that wasn't the biggest "gotcha" this week. The biggest gotcha was the Saints-Bucs game. Almost everyone (75 out of 80) selected this game, and almost all of them (73 out of 75) picked the Saints.

We also had our first non-Cowboys game to go all unanimous - everyone who entered included that game, and everyone picked the same team. All seventy-nine picked Green Bay over the Rams. This almost happened again, as seventy-eight of us picked the Steelers over the Jaguars (no, the other person didn't pick Jacksonville; he just didn't include that game in his picks).

Other lopsided picks (most of us picked, and most of us picked the same team) included Jets over Dolphins, Raiders over Browns, Ravens over Texans, and Bengals over Colts.

The only other trap games (heavy play, wrong pick) were Bills-Giants and 49ers-Lions. Most of us picked the Bills and Lions in these two games.

Our cumulative wasn't actually that bad. We had eight solid winners, four solid losers, and one close game (narrow win). Here's the full table with our selections in each game:

Week #5 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
79 GREEN BAY St. Louis 0
78 PITTSBURGH Jacksonville 0
72 NEW YORK JETS Miami 2
68 OAKLAND Cleveland 1
67 BALTIMORE Houston 2
59 CINCINNATI Indianapolis 4
34 ATLANTA Carolina 14
32 CHICAGO Minnesota 9
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
2 TAMPA BAY New Orleans 73
17 NEW ENGLAND Dallas 63
13 San Francisco DETROIT 40
8 NEW YORK GIANTS Buffalo 35
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
14 Philadelphia WASHINGTON 12

Finally, here are the leaders. Again, note the separation beginning to creep in. For example, I lost three places to the overall leaders last week by scoring only 4-for-10; I lost three more spots this week with my 6-for-10. Now, I'm nine back instead of three back. I did predict that these bye weeks would be tougher and would do some weeding out (not as many games to cherry pick). So far, I have been right.

As we drop more and more behind, we look to play hunches - to get one right that no one else picks. It's sort-of like a trailing team that gets aggressive and takes risks trying to get back into the game. My four misses were "expected to win" Cowboys and Saints and "upset specials" Panthers and Vikings.

Enough rambling from me. KD will have more to add in his next contest piece. When he posts it, I will link to it.

Here are the top scores from week #6 and the top overall leaders:

Week #6 Score Overall Score
1Bullseye 9 illcowboy 47
illcowboy 9 Jebediah Flibberbrush 47
Jason Pai 9 BishopWest 46
Jebediah Flibberbrush 9 qbfannn 46
qbfannn 9 mdlusk 45
reron79 9 ziggy 19 45
TARHEEL PAUL 9 Pnut Gallery 44
BishopWest 8 scotscowboyfan 44
dsmith12 8 Alpha 43
InkedKing 8 BigBad Joe 43
KD Drummond 8 Hookem Up 43
One.Cool.Customer 8 IMHO 43
scotscowboyfan 8 InkedKing 43
StarloverinWNC 8 jstaubach 43
tattooed cowboy 8 Rat-Pack 43
The Penguin 8 ChiaCrack 42
WA_Cowboy 8 Grady90 42
ziggy 19 8 neon greon 42
88Deztined46 7 Panzer84 42
Alpha 7 Rohpuri 42
Becho 7 Specific 42
Benthere 7 wittenfan 42
BigBad Joe 7 1Bullseye 41
ChiaCrack 7 Allan Uy 41
D_Carter 7 Benthere 41
Damnsammit 7 FuriousDman 41
Englishneil 7 GordBerl 41
FuriousDman 7 lxblssng 41
GordBerl 7 tattooed cowboy 41
Grady90 7 Tuna Helper 41
Hobbes42 7 Jason Pai 40
Hookem Up 7 jazzbo251 40
jakezze01 7 KD Drummond 40
mdlusk 7 One.Cool.Customer 40
meisternance 7 Travlr 40
neon greon 7 Englishneil 38
NJcowboysFAN 7 hookerhome 38
NobodySpecial 7 Jeremiah_24 38
Nord15 7 JLMax09 38
Panzer84 7 meisternance 38
Pearson88 7 Nord15 38
Pnut Gallery 7 TARHEEL PAUL 38
Portland's Cowboy fan 7 tsylvest 38
scottmaui 7 WA_Cowboy 38
sprewelllatrell 7 Antonio S 37
starbury_to_s-jaxci2000 7 .FRoST.USAF 36
tsylvest 7 88Deztined46 36
Tuna Helper 7 Damnsammit 36
*** 26 others had ***
6 LilZtretch 36
*** 3 others had ***
5 NJcowboysFAN 36
*** 2 others had ***
4 Portland's Cowboy fan 36

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.