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Cowboys Epic FAIL: Romo, Dallas Implode, Lose 34-30

Unbelievably pathetic. It's impossible to describe what we just witnessed. Epic fail is the only term that comes to mind. Dallas blows a monster lead and loses to Detroit 34-30.

I wrote this about Tony Romo in response to a question about this week's game:

I think many fans outside of Dallas have the perception that Romo is constantly losing games through bonehead moves, but that's not really the case. He's won a lot more than he's lost and he's lead a lot of 4th quarter comebacks. His stats are very productive. The problem is he will get loose with the football every once in a while, and when he blows up he seems to do it in dramatic fashion so people remember it. Romo has the ability to win really big, we'll just have to wait and see if he does it.

Wow. It's hard to read that now. Maybe KD will come by later to sum this up, if we can pick him up off the floor.

[Ed. Note]: Do the moderators a favor, try to keep the commentary clean. It's just a lot of work for all of us when things get out of control. [End Note]

My Quick Summary Live from the floor, after the jump- KD.


[KD]Well, that one hurts bad.

In a game when both the offense and defense looked scintillating through the early third quarter, the Dallas Cowboys somehow relinquished a 27-3 lead and fell to the Detroit Lions 34-30. The Cardiac Cowboys gifted the Lions an opening, and then Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson busted through the door. This was the biggest come-from-ahead loss in Dallas history.

Tony Romo began the game in impressive fashion, then inexplicably threw the ball to Bobby Carpenter, who weaved his way to the end zone. Two more interceptions followed, including another TD as the wheels came off an offense that had been humming along spendidly.

The cornerbacks did a great job on Calvin Johnson initially, but he made tremendous play after play as the Lions roared back.

The game came to a fitting end. Down four, the Cowboys completed several over the middle passes, until Romo was sacked. Downing the ball to save time, a 4th and 20 dump off to Felix Jones killed all chances of a miracle when Jones slipped a tackle then stepped out to save time. Yes, it was fourth down and he was nowhere near the marker.

We'll have a lot more on the game later. At least the Eagles yakked one up too.

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