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Poll: Who Manned-Up In The Pats Game?

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A quick, late-night poll and discussion thread. Each week we ask who manned-up for the Cowboys in the previous game. This week, I'm skipping the offense because nobody over there was truly worthy. So it's defense and special teams.

The secondary - They have taken heat in the past for some shoddy play and their injuries were keeping them from reaching their potential. But against Tom Brady, they kept the Cowboys in the game until the end and shutdown Wes Welker.

Rob Ryan - The architect of a rejuvenated defense, his unit gave the high-powered Patriots offense fits all game.

Dan Bailey - Can we get some love for a kicker who has become automatic recently? Ever since missing the chip shot earlier this year, the kid has been money.

Sean Lee - Chuck Norris again. 12 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 interception. He's becoming a star before our eyes