KD's 10-for-10 - Week #7 Update

Entering everyone's selections this week got automatic after a while, as almost everyone had the same five (or five of six) entries - Pittsburgh, (Oakland), Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans, Baltimore. This past week had seventy-three enter 10-for-10 with one straggler picking the six late/night games after missing the deadline for the early games (that's why there were actually seventy-four entries).

I whine each week (actually, reply nicely to the entrants) that insist on selecting every game, not just ten. I remind each one each week about KD's rule - only the first ten count. Any extras are discarded.

Well, one of those that picked all thirteen got the first twelve right, and had to feel pretty good about scoring an unprecedented 13-for-13. However, everyone who selected Monday night picked the Ravens. Fortunately for this one, only his first ten count. So, we do have a new induction into the 10-for-10 Hall of Fame.

Who is this, and who is the new overall leader?

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First, congratulations to Rummob for scoring an unusual 10-for-10. Even though he picked three extra games (which aren't counted), and missed one of those, there will be no asterisk by his entry during his induction ceremony this week. KD's rule - the first ten count; his first ten were right. Period. End of discussion.

Participation was down a little this week. KD included a reminder note in one of his weekend articles. A week ago, I made a FanShot on the weekend to remind people to get their picks in. I didn't this week. Does that help? There are now so many Front Page articles that KD's contest post can disappear rapidly and you can miss it unless you do a little work. If you would like a weekend FanShot reminder, just ask in the comments. I'll be glad to do that each week.

We added two new particpants; only one missed the deadline for all the games and only got to pick the late/night games; and, no one got disqualified for failing to include the Cowboys. Sadly, one entrant listed ten games, but only selected (made bold) nine of the games. Here's the participation table:

Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129
5 76 53 129
6 80 53 133
7 74 61 135

The results are slightly skewed by the three participants who selected all thirteen games. Since their final three got dropped, that lowers the numbers of actual picks on those games.

Some trends I have noticed all year and am starting to quantify:

  • we do much better on the late/night games than the early games
  • Rohpuri provided a list of teams that he would always pick against
  • we seem to have our favorites that we always pick, especially the week after a strong (or surprising) win
  • each week, there are games where we are strongly behind one team who plays a nailbiter and where we are indifferent and one team blows out the other one

We had five unanimous games this week. All seventy-four participants picked the Cowboys. Almost everyone also lined up behind the Steelers, Packers, Saints, and Ravens.

Unfortunately, and this is why they play the games, Baltimore lost at Jacksonville. This was our biggest trap game this week. Almost everyone picked and lost this one. Our next two biggest traps were Oakland, who lost to Kansas City, and San Diego, who couldn't close the deal against the Jets.

I remembered Baltimore's meltdown in week #2, when they went to Tennessee, fresh off an opening week clobbering of the Steelers. We unanimously picked them to win at Tennessee, and they lost there, just like Monday night this week. But, I didn't think that would happen again. I was wrong. I didn't want to pick that game, but I had three others that I wanted to avoid more than this game - the mess that was Oakland's quarterback situation, who could travel across the pond and play well in London, and the unwatchable underachievers Seattle at Cleveland.

I had picked Houston every week, but looked for both them and Tennessee to revert to their norms. So, I went for Tennessee to win at home. That was my only other miss (along with Baltimore).

This week was probably our worst overall record of picks - the majority only picked seven winners and lost the other six. Again, the early games were worse than the late games. We were 3-4 in the early games, 3-1 in the late games, and 1-1 in the night games.

Rummob is the only one to pick (and pick correctly) all seven early games. Next best - several picked four of the early games, and got all four right.

Here's the table showing all our selections for the week:

Week #7 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
74 DALLAS St. Louis 0
73 Pittsburgh ARIZONA 0
70 NEW ORLEANS Indianapolis 0
69 Green Bay MINNESOTA 0
41 CLEVELAND Seattle 7
36 Denver MIAMI 3
30 CAROLINA Washington 11
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
0 JACKSONVILLE Baltimore 70
5 Kansas City OAKLAND 58
10 NEW YORK JETS San Diego 38
14 Chicago TAMPA BAY 28
16 Houston TENNESSEE 26
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
22 Atlanta DETROIT 28

Finally, congratulations go out to our new (and solitary) overall leader - qbfannn. With 8-for-10 this week, his overall score of 54 puts him one ahead of last week's co-leaders - illcowboy and Jebediah Flibberbrush - who each only got 6-for-10 and stand at 53. It's getting a little thin at the top as only one is at 52, two at 51, and one at 50. The first logjam is the eleven who are tied for eighth at 49.

Here is the table showing the top scores for this week and the overall leaders:

Week #7 Score Overall Score
Rummob 10 qbfannn 54
@Tonekupone 8 illcowboy 53
cproctor6 8 Jebediah Flibberbrush 53
dsmith12 8 ziggy 19 52
Enja 8 BishopWest 51
hookerhome 8 scotscowboyfan 51
jakezze01 8 mdlusk 50
kitten mittens 8 Alpha 49
qbfannn 8 BigBad Joe 49
tattooed cowboy 8 ChiaCrack 49
Antonio S 7 Hookem Up 49
ChiaCrack 7 IMHO 49
D_Carter 7 InkedKing 49
demarcus94 7 jstaubach 49
I am Ironman!!! 7 Pnut Gallery 49
JLMax09 7 Specific 49
LilZtretch 7 tattooed cowboy 49
LiveNDieBlue 7 wittenfan 49
meisternance 7 neon greon 48
One.Cool.Customer 7 Panzer84 48
reron79 7 Rohpuri 48
scotscowboyfan 7 Allan Uy 47
slowmotion80 7 Benthere 47
Specific 7 FuriousDman 47
Travlr 7 GordBerl 47
WA_Cowboy 7 Grady90 47
wittenfan 7 lxblssng 47
ziggy 19 7 One.Cool.Customer 47
31 entries had 6 Rat-Pack 47
12 entries had 5 Travlr 47
3 entries had 4 Tuna Helper 47

KD will have more analysis and preview the week #8 contest later in the week. I will link to it when it is done.

See you next week.

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