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Cowboys @ Eagles Injury Report: Good News For Dallas

After an injury-riddled start to the 2011 season, the Dallas Cowboys are just about back to full health. Only Felix Jones was unable to practice on Wednesday, and even he is getting better as he got out of the protective boot he was wearing on Monday. With the emergence - that word is a little soft - with the explosion of DeMarco Murray on Sunday, the Cowboys have less to worry about while waiting on the return of Felix.

Jason Hatcher will be back this week as will Derrick Dockery. Oh yeah, David Buehler, too. And Bruce Carter is practicing and was reported to be learning some special teams assignments, meaning he could possibly see action this week.

Hatcher was having a productive beginning of the season until his calf injury, and in his place we've seen Marcus Spears put together some productive games, too. It's unclear who will start, but in Rob Ryan's defense, everybody plays, so the issue of who starts probably doesn't have as much meaning.

As for Dockery, he'll have to ride the pine as long as Montrae Holland plays like he did on Sunday against the Rams. And again, I ask, what is Buehler still doing on the roster?

On the Philly side of things, they are completely healthy after a bye week. Trent Cole will be back as will Jason Peters.

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