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Cowboys Injury Updates; Holding Our Breath For Good News

Despite the bad game he and the rest of his teammates played, the Cowboys desperately need positive news on the MRI performed today on Sean Lee.
Despite the bad game he and the rest of his teammates played, the Cowboys desperately need positive news on the MRI performed today on Sean Lee.

The Cowboys left Lincoln Financial Field beaten and embarrassed on Sunday night. They also left with a handful of new injuries; injuries that if severe could greatly hamper a chance for this team to bounce back and attempt to save the season. The Cowboys lost several key contributors to the defense last night; making their quest slightly more difficult even though most every other team in the league is contending with the same issues.

Make no mistake about it, this was only one loss but the season does have to be saved. At 3-4, the Cowboys realistically need to go 7-2 in order to make the playoffs where anything can happen. 6-3 may get it done, but it's a much more difficult proposition that removes control from their own hands. The New York Giants currently hold a two-game advantage over Dallas in the NFC East. They only need to finish 5-4 with a split against the Cowboys to make "6-2" mandatory for a shot at the division crown. The NFC South currently has three teams over .500, as does the North.  The Detroit Lions probably aren't going to catch Green Bay, but they have a 2 1/2 game lead with a victory in hand over us.

The journey begins with the next game up, a home date with the Seattle Seahawks. The question is, who will be available to man the fort?

Sean Lee apparently has a dislocated wrist | Bryan Broadus (Twitter)

Just had a chance to visit with some folks with the Cowboys and it sounds like Sean Lee suffered a dislocated wrist.
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Lee was set to have an MRI this morning but the results haven't been released as of yet. So, how serious is a dislocated wrist? Did some checking around the web and found that (as is customary) there are varying degrees of severity. Even without anything broken (X-rays were negative), Lee could still face surgery for the dislocation. Cowboys fans players and staff are holding their breath as Lee leads the teams in tackles by a wide margin.


Jay Ratliff OK; Mike Jenkins Needs MRI | ESPN Dallas

Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff was injured late in the game Sunday, when he was run into by teammate Bradie James. At least he was able to get a good hit on somebody on Sunday. Ratliff is ok though, and looks like he won't miss any time.

Mike Jenkins on the other hand pulled his hamstring while covering DeSean Jackson downfield. An MRI will reveal how long he's out for, but this team and its fans are all too familiar with the lingering nature of hamstring injuries.

Mat McBriar Can't Finish Game | ESPN

Pro Bowl punter Mat McBriar was able to execute one solid punt before his plant-foot injury became too much to overcome. According to the report, he plans on seeing a medical specialist to treat a nerve condition in his left ankle/foot. I'm no doctor, and although I didn't stay the night in a Holiday Inn, the thought of nerve damage doesn't lead me to believe this will be a quick bounce back. Dallas didn't stash a punter on the practice squad for no reason. CChris Jones is the next man up here. McBriar was replaced in game by place kicker Dan Bailey, who averaged 39.5 yards per kick, a big dip from McBriar's 45.7 career average.

The reports of the MRI's and visits should trickle in later today after practice, and we'll get a much more clear view of who is a longshot for next Sunday once the real work of the week begins on Wednesday.


Update, per several twitter reports initially and the comments below, Tashard Choice has been claimed off the waiver wire by the Washington Redskins.

This might be a great marriage. Choice in Shanahan's one-cut system? This will be interesting.

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