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Dallas Cowboys News: Players Stepping Up, WR Robinson Is Only Going To Improve, More

Garrett Wants 'Boys To "Swing The Bat" -
Garrett is awarding an engraved Louisville Slugger to the player who stepped up the most in each victory. Romo won the bat for his gritty performance against the 49ers and Dan Bailey got the honor after the Redskins win.

"In all the wins we're going to give out three game balls, we're going to give out attaboys, we're going to give out scout team players of the week," Garrett said. "And we're also going to give out a bat. We call it the Grab A Bat award. A lot of what our job is, as players and coaches, is to step into the batter's box and take a swing. If you hit it over 410, put the bat away, then grab it again and swing it again hard. And if you strike out, put the bat away, grab it again, and swing hard."

Garrett: Laurent Robinson Is Only Going To Improve - ESPN Dallas
Another player who has stepped up is Laurent Robinson (pronounced LA-ron), who will likely be the No. 3 receiver behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

"For someone who was not with us in training camp and on and off the roster he’s really stepped in and understand what to do and how to do it," Garrett said. "I think the quarterbacks have a real comfort level throwing to him. He’s demonstrated the ability to run past defenses and make plays underneath. He’s only going to improve."

Laurent Robinson: 10 receptions on 15 targets for 165 yards and nine first downs in two games for the Cowboys.

WR Laurent Robinson wanted to play for the Cowboys even when he still played for the San Diego Chargers - The Dallas Morning News
Robinson was with the San Diego Chargers in training camp in August, and he said he became even more intrigued about possibly playing for the Cowboys one day after the Chargers spent a few days in town practicing against the Cowboys before playing them in a preseason game at Cowboys Stadium.

McClain: Cowboys' play-calling deserves as much scrutiny as Romo - Houston Chronicle
The Cowboys are far from dead, but they have to be smarter. They are one game behind the Giants and Redskins, and neither has looked invincible. They can still win the division. For all you Cowboys fans who are grieving during the open date, keep this in mind: At least you're not in Philadelphia.

Cowboys are all in with Romo, Garrett -
In the two victories, Romo has started out slowly and gotten better as the game progressed; in the two losses, he started out hot only to take major steps backward later in the game. It is up to Garrett to adjust his game plans accordingly based on the way Romo is throwing every week.

The Cowboys have no choice but to stick with QB Tony Romo, but they have to manage him better. If it's handled correctly it could be the difference in making sure a very good team doesn't miss the playoffs again.

Yahoo's Michael Silver: Tony Romo 'had a couple of bad moments' but can take Cowboys 'very, very far' - The Dallas Morning News

"I have a much higher opinion of Romo than virtually anyone else," Silver admitted. "Some might say that I'm a Romosexual, not that there's anything wrong with that. Listen, he's had a couple of bad moments in big games. Everyone talks about the snap through the hands (in Seattle). By the way, he picked it up and almost made an incredible play."

"I think Tony Romo has that swagger and it's a fine line. You want to get him to stop believing that he can fit balls in places and you want to get him to take fewer risks, but you don't want to take away that confidence that allows him to make so many big plays."

"I think if they can just find a way to dial him back a little and get him to understand context a little more, you've got that big lead, it's OK to be boring for a couple quarters when you've got that lead. I think he can take them very, very far. And when Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are healthy, that's a scary offense."

Theismann believes Romo 'doesn't understand' how to play QB -
The Romo hate is getting a bit ridiculous. Yesterday it was Joe Theisman's turn to jump on the bandwagon. Theismann thinks he knows what it takes to play quarterback in the NFL, and doesn't believe Tony Romo does. How's the leg, Joe?

Dan Bailey still going strong - ESPN Dallas
After four weeks, Dan Bailey has made 12 total field goals, including 11 consecutive - more kicks than anybody in the NFL.

Josh Brent seeing action at fullback - Star-Telegram
The Cowboys have begun using nose tackle Josh Brent as a fullback to help out in short yardage situations. He's seen action on three plays so far: In Brent's one play against the Jets, Tony Romo threw an incompletion. On a fourth-and-goal play against the Lions, Felix Jones ran behind Brent but failed to get in the end zone, and Brent was also was on the field on a 1-yard touchdown pass Romo threw to Jason Witten in the same game.

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