Trick or Treat

How many of you thought I was referring to the journey of our team so far this season? Oh yes that time of year is here.

Ghouls, Goblins, Monsters galore. Freaks , horrid screams, visions of terror so foul. From the Jekyll and Hyde quarterback, to the Mad Scientist that is our Defensive Coordinator, we have been privy to some truly seasonal fare so far this year. The moon shines full upon the field of corpses the Ware Wolves roam. In the highest room in the castle the Lord of Darkness waits for the next victim to suck dry. We stand by hypnotized by what unfolds before us, unable to break its gaze. Our desires compel us, the darkness controls us.....

No, thankfully I'm not looking for a future in the literary world at this time. However one thing definitely rings true. This team has become an appropriately labeled horror story. I think you could make an argument for just about any Horror movie metaphor and have it apply to this team so far. Romo, from his Jekyll and Hyde performance from last week, to Jason Garrett doing his best Dr Frankenstein impersonation. Putting a rag tag collection of body parts onto the field and actually getting it to work until it all went horribly wrong. Cue the mob with pitchforks storming the castle. Sound familiar?

After taking about a week to pop enough meds to make the voices in my head easier to understand, they were quite clear in what they were actually saying. This bye week could not have come at a better time. Sitting at 2-2, getting key players back from injury, constant ridicule from substandard wannabe analysts that used to be below average quarterbacks (yes Theismann I'm talking to you..there is a reason that you were replaced on MNF..therapy helps).

So far this has been a trying season so far. Frustrating, full of hope, full of promise. It's way too early to jump off the back of the bus. As much as we have been torn apart this past week for our collapse against the Lions, what will they say about us is we win against the Pats next week? There are 12 more games on the schedule. Each one just as important as the next, especially when this division is up for grabs.

Do any of us think that the Skins will maintain their status on top? Are the Giants going to pull a traditional fade down the stretch? The Eagles nightmare has just begun. We all know how the road paved with high priced free agents goes. With every loss the locker room will become more and more divided. Good Luck with that one Reid...really...I mean it.....Good Luck.

With as hectic as an offseason as this has been, with an offensive line starting not just a first round prodigy in Tyron Smith who has lived up to the hype, but a 7th round backup OL (that NEVER would have happened under any other coach than Jimmy), a new defensive scheme, countless injuries, who would have thought we would be where we are now?

For over a month, the team was on the road. Last two preseason games, first two regular season games, then 2 home games but one on a short week. Tired, hurt, and mentally drained we played. We get a chance to turn things around starting next week. Rested, healed, and focused here we come.

Lets put a stake in it.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.